Is Wii U now worth it?

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Is Wii U worth it?

Yes, now that it has its crown jewel. 36 16.00%
Yes, it already was a sys... 126 56.00%
Nope. 63 28.00%

In hindsight, no

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IMO, if you happen to get a Wii U, the must have games are BOTW, obviously, Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2, depending of your tastes Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (If you are considering to get Persona 5, this is a no-brainer, honestly. It is also made by Atlus), Xenoblade Chronicles X (Aside from the disappointment that the story was compared to the original and questionable pacing, it's a super solid open-world JRPG to play, and kinda adicting, a lot of concepts of BOTW are present here too, go figure, Monolith Soft helped to make that game), Super Mario 3D World (It's a good mix between 2D and 3D platforming) and maybe Splatoon (Fun and fresh concept, but leaves a lot to be desired, hopefully gets a lot more on the sequel, honestly would not advice paying $60 for this). Anything else is just extra, Donkey Kong Country TF and Fatal Frame 5 get an honorable mention, but it's not something i would buy a console for. (And this applies for everything else on the console too)

And in hindsight, only get this console if you can get it cheap, about $150 (Right now, would be your best bet to get one at this price or less, same with the games. If you let the time pass, everything related to this console it's going to get expensive, and i mean it. Accesories, games, etc. If your Wii U Gamepad dies for whatever reason you are screwed, you might need to buy another console just for that). Otherwise, don't even bother TBQH.

If you like Nintendo games the Wii U has been worth it for quite some time now. If you don't, it probably never will be.

As far as Nintendo consoles go, I think Wii U falls at #4 for me; above Gamecube and NES, but below SNES, Wii, and N64.

I enjoyed it, and I don't regret buying one, but if I'd known how it would turn out, I wouldn't have bought one as early as I did.

I think it is worth it if you never owned a Nintendo system before. It is basically a Wii + Wii U. Also you get the entire Wii Shop channel games and Wii U Eshop games. So you also get the legacy titles like Super Mario Bros. However if we are going by Wii U exclusives because you own all those systems I would think not.

It took me 3 years after launch to get wii u, which is really long for someone who only plays on Nintendo systems. It took that long for me to justify buying it. I can only imagine someone who isn't a Nintendo fan look at the system.

Switch on the other hand I knew that would be worth it Day 1. 
ok not really but it was definitely worth getting it year one. 

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curl-6 said:
TheLastStarFighter said:

You're one of the few in this thread that actually comprehended the question.

Woooo, do I win a prize? :D

Seriously though, I confess there have been times during Wii U's life when I felt a bit ripped off, and the droughts and some of their software decisions were pretty bad, but now all's said and done, I think I've gotten my $428 AUD out of it.

You get a free online subscription to Wii U's online service!

The 50+ games I have bought for Wii U over the past 5 years since launch tell me that my purchase was justified a long time ago.

I wouldn't run out and buy one today, but it was certainly worth it for me.

I paid $285 for the 3D World / Nintendoland bundle. ($300 with 5% off w/ Target Credit Card).

I played Smash in excess of 300 hours and MK8, Mario Maker, and Tokyo Mirage Sessions for well over 50 a piece. I had a good time with another 7 or 8 games on top of that.

Ancillary Wii U Benefits:

- Back-compat allowed me to sell my Wii. Got me like $40 in credit b/c of some dumb deal GameStop was doing for trade ins towards Switch stuff
- I lent it to my buddy once the Switch came out so that he could play BotW. He and his sister have put in well over 100 hours on it so far.
- My nieces and nephews loved Nintendoland. I never played it myself but it was always a go-to activity when they came over.
- I never had to buy a controller for it. My existing Wii Motes and nun-chucks had me set up for 4 player Mario Kart on day one. The $20 GC adapter set me up for 4 player Smash, and the 3DS and Wii stuff got me up to 8 players (for the two times I did that, lol)
- Off-TV play was good for when my girlfriend wanted to watch something on TV.

I understand why people were disappointed in the Wii U, but I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with it.

worth it due to the quality games that Wii U has. 'nough said.

Even if all my fav Wii U games end up getting Switch ports (and I doubt they will; stuff like Mario Kart 8 is one thing but it seems less likely for games like Bayonetta 2, Fatal Frame 5, Tropical Freeze, Xenoblade X, or Captain Toad) that still doesn't make the Wii U not worth it in my opinion, because I already got to enjoy those games years ago, and them being available on another system now doesn't cancel out the enjoyment I got from them.