Is Wii U now worth it?

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Is Wii U worth it?

Yes, now that it has its crown jewel. 36 16.00%
Yes, it already was a sys... 126 56.00%
Nope. 63 28.00%

Most posters have missed the point of the thread. I'm not asking if it is a good purchase today, with the system already replaced by its successor. I'm asking, does the system have enough great content to justify having spent money on it, whenever it was that you purchased it. As I said in the OP, "But for the Wii U owners, those who have sat through droughts and some less than ideal game titles, does Breath of the Wild complete the system?" Do you feel satisfied? I compare it to N64, a system that lacked content compared to its rivals. But it did have several absolutely marvelous games that have stood the test of time, true classics. If you purchased it and got to enjoy OoT, MM, SM64, Goldeneye and MK64, you probably have few regrets. Is Wii U similarly satisfying today?

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Breath of the Wild is, in my mind, the best game on WiiU (and probably the best game on any system, ever), but I think the system was worth a $300 investment long before that. Nintendo's heavy-hitters and awesome indie games like Shovel Knight, Runbow, and Freedom Planet combined for a nice library.

It was never not worth it.

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TheLastStarFighter said:
Most posters have missed the point of the thread.

I blame the title!

It's hard to say at this point. There's always the lingering question of 'how many of the great Wii U titles are going to get ported to the Switch?' It kind of makes it pointless to do so if they all end up getting ported. And then there's the chance of the Wii U becoming a little scarce, causing an increase in price for one.

So... I suppose you can just wait and see for the time being. The Wii U still has quite a good number of games for it.



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IMO any system with at least 7 good, and unique games is worth getting. I personally have 11 Wii U games.

Pikmin 3
Super Mario 3D World
Tropical Freeze
Bayonetta 2
NSMB: Luigi edition

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Wii U always had good games, it just had a really fucked up marketing strategy that ruined it in one year which resulted in 3rd parties abandoning the system early on in it's life cycle due to extra dev costs required to port their games to a weaker console. It was pretty much a giant melting snowball going down the mountain, and here we are.

Oh, and no, the Switch is out so fuck the Wii U if you don't have it already, those games will most likely get ported to the Switch anyways.

TheLastStarFighter said:
curl-6 said:

Now that it has its centrepiece in Breath of the Wild, I would say that overall I'm satisfied with my Wii U.

You're one of the few in this thread that actually comprehended the question.

Woooo, do I win a prize? :D

Seriously though, I confess there have been times during Wii U's life when I felt a bit ripped off, and the droughts and some of their software decisions were pretty bad, but now all's said and done, I think I've gotten my $428 AUD out of it.

I bought one for Netflix and Mario Kart and that's it. It was worth it for Mario Kart. Overall it didn't satisfy my wants as a gamer though


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