Did Someone Steal a Truck Of Nintendo Switch's Or Am I Missing Something?

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Are these just scams or what?

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Probably yes.

Some days I just blow up.


Don't buy anything Nintendo Switch related that is super cheap on Amazon or eBay, they are all SCAMS!!!
Check this video out.


Probably, from those seller ratings :/

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Almost certainty. Lot of people scam Nintendo​ products on Amazon: beware third-party sellers with no ratings!

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Hahaha an account to that's just launched selling Switches for 85 bucks. Do you really need to ask?

Suspicious. Beware.

It's a scam, it could be just an empty box! o.o

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Yeah. I heard it was a team of three drivers in Honda Civics with green under glow.

LAPD has a guy under cover in the Los Angeles street racing scene investigating it now.

80 bucks sounds about right