Why do we focus on women's clothing?

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I mean you are correct in a way, but I would say there's a lot of focus on what men wear as well it's just...different. And it's not universal, it varies greatly from culture to culture based on an enormous number of variables. In the west women are usually expected to be modest, though this is not nearly as discussed as in the past. Men are expected to look professional or clean-cut or well kept. One of those. Again, also a very much faded thing. But at their height, both of these were taken very seriously, not just women's clothing. A woman couldn't show up wearing a revealing piece of clothing and a man would never dream of wearing jeans. It comes from an era of gilded morals really, where there was an over-emphasis on appearances vs what people were actually like.

And it also comes from the fact that, like it or not, face it or not, we all make snap judgments based on how people look.  It's a natural, reflexive thing.  Which is why we and society do put some degree of emphasis on appearances. 

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women don't dress to impress men, they dress to impress other women. if they wanna impress me, they'll have to be naked.

Because women care about it too

there is more focus on women's clothing because they have so much more choice

if you work in an office for example, women have a number of options they can choose from. with men it's a suit and tie.

if you go to a fancy party, women can wear any number of different types of dresses. men wear a black suit

what debate or conversation can we have about men's clothes when everything men have to wear is always so strict? and then somehow it's women who are getting the raw deal..

Do we? It doesn't really seem that way to me. People just wear whatever they like to me. If they're dressing a certain way, they're probably doing so to impress, and not because people told them to.



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bananaking21 said:
I don't focus on women's clothing. I focus on what's underneath

I can see you have a power to see underneath, Please teach me brother LMAO 

Because they won't stop wearing them.

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LadyJasmine said:
Because women care about it too

Agree with this. And also; I don't focus on women's clothing, I find it really uninteresting.

I almost never think about what women wear, I notice more how they bear themselves, how they speak and mannerisms. Could be work related damage, but it's true...

PS: I notice the same about men, it's a good way to decide how to respond to and communicate with someone. Clothes tell you nothing.

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LipeJJ said:
pokoko said:
It's true. Unlike men, who can wear pants or skirts without anyone passing judgement, women can only wear skirts.

Try that and come back to tell us your story. Unless you're in Scotland, you will receive a lot of insults for wearing a skirt.


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