How the heck did Sony manage to retake the console market again?

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Imaginedvl said:
LivingMetal said:

Which entails forcing hardware on a consumer base along with underpowered hardware and relatively limited software support.  That's ALL it was.  Plain and simple.

That's your oppinion. Nobody forced anything to anyone. If you feel forced to buy something when a compay put it out there, I would look at myself first :)
Microsoft mistake was the price, for the general consumer, it is all that matters.


Well, let's hear your opinion.  What reasonable price should Microsoft have originally sold the Xbox One at launch with the bundled Kinect and less powerful processing hardware than the PS4?

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Combination of a few things. Ironically the PS2 was actually the least powerful console of its generation, but it redefined the industry with DVDs. Sony was one of the inventors of DVDs so it was also the cheapest DVD player. Same thing occurred with the PS3. Sony was one of the inventors of Blu-Ray. So entertainment wise, Sony with the Playstation was at the forefront of the industry. Combination of that along with the best catalog of exclusives, as well as rivals just shooting themselves in the foot.

They changed the top management and empowered Mark Cerny.

The competence made big mistakes. Also, good marketing.

Jpcc86 said:
By delivering a lot of awesome games and variety.



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"Usually when businesses lose their glory they never go back and redeem themselves the same way."

And this is where you messed up.

Well, this is new.


Do people still say price was the main reason? Really? Heck the Wii U had a year advantage, more games, better rated games and a lower price and that didn't save it(even though it was and still over priced imo). Heck even the XB1 had price parity and even a lower price with the amazing deals and still sold and sells less. I guess I mean everyone has their own opinions.

Me I think they had an amazing E3 and made all the right decisions. Design, consumer policies, price and even games. And continues to do so along with making very good game decisions. The XB1 has definitely improved though is a great system to own I freaking love mine....but they are shorting me when it comes to games sadly and have been for a while now. SMH.....I am hoping that changed with them at E3 this year.

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Captain_Yuri said:
Both Nintendo and MS goofed hard

This in a nutshell. THe other two fucking up gave Sony the means to find sucess upon the failure of the other two. Also a ton more marketing than the other two all year round, especially on Youtube. 


Good overall powered console
Good line up of classics and new titles

Microsoft got too cocky much like Sony were with the Ps3 on release, telling gamers they "needed the camera" then later removing it

FromDK said:
You should include "home" in the headline..
If you only look at consoles it mean both home and portable consoles.. And then the claim is wrong..

Nintendo sold more consoles in all gens since 2005..

Wii/ds beat PS3/PSP
WiiU/3DS beat PS4/Vita

And now Nintendo has allready startet next gen (the console that will compete with ps..some) and will probelly also win the next..

If you only look at home consoles.. it's a bit to 2016.. now we have hybryds.. and so fare I know.. Nintendo had sold more Switch than PS4 since day one..

PS4/Vita will surely outsell the 3DS/WiiU. They might even do it this year already. It's also unlikely that Switch will already outsell the PS5 even though that machine will probably sell at least 80 million units.

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