Destiny 2 - "Last Call" teaser - Full reveal March 30th 10am PT/6pm BST

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And it seems the same timed exclusive content deal which we saw with the first game is returning

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''Cade had more character development in this 2 minutes teaser than the entire 3 year of destiny''

This game in a nutshell.

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If it's to come to PC, I'll be waiting to see how it translates, as well as waiting for the price drop, exclusive content has basically sealed my desire for a price drop at this point.

inb4 sly dig gif.


Great to see Playstation has the exclusive deal again. Not that these deals are good but the way destiny do them the other platforms get screwed big time.

So it's great we don't get screwed on Playstation. Also where most of the player base is so that's another positive.

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I burst out laughing watching this. Can't wait for Destiny 2.

BraLoD said:

That's what I do every time I see one of your comments.

Pretty hyped for this game. Hoping for more character dialog instead of the ghost doing all talking.

If it has an offline mode and has more depth to it (meaning it's more than just "Destiny 2: The Search for More Loot") then I'll probably try it.


Can never see the embedded videos on my iPhone. Can someone post the link? :)