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I'm sure threads like this have been created here on VG Chartz before, but I'm new to this place and haven't seen them if they're there. I'm just curious what everyone's general views on politics are. How would you (anyone) describe your views broadly?

Personally, I'm a believer in ideals like common ownership of property, absolute democracy, social equality, world peace, etc. I'm very much my own thing really, but over the years have been branded with many labels by people. For those who need labels to better understand things, some of the common ones I've come to accept in that time include anarchist, socialist, feminist, multi-culturalist, and environmentalist. I don't really have a particular underlying philosophy guiding any of that (like Marxism, nationalism, utilitarianism, post-structuralism, or whatever) though. Like I said, I'm just kind of me really and these are some of the labels my ever-evolving oddball view on life has been assigned by people over the years.

What about you (anyone)? How would you describe your political views?

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I'm a socialist, particularly an anarcho-communist in terms of my beliefs. I'd go more in depth, but I'm at school right now, so I may later.

Conservative fiscally and very conservative on immigration issues.  I'm kind of in the middle with social issues (I support gay marriage and abortion rights, but I don't support transgender bathrooms, and I think that SJW's are a bit insane sometimes). I would go in more detail, but I'm too lazy right now.

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No idea honestly. I lean on the left quite a bit but they also infuriate me to end.

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Leaning torwards the left. Sometimes not because im passionate about leftist ideals but because the right's position repels me. Compared to the rest of the world, USA has a very moderate left and an extremist right.

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Norway :)
You know, Bernie Sanders type of politics.
High taxes, free education and healthcare for everyone :P


btw, Norway got awarded the "happiest place to live" reward last week :P 

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I'm a liberal, through and through, even though the Democratic Party tends to drive me up a wall with its incompetence and inability to connect with the people it could help most in the US. I tend to care less about fiscal issues and more about social issues, am very pro-immigration and see myself as a multiculturalist.

That being said, I can be a little conservative on some social issues (I think abortion should be legal, but I wouldn't say I'm "pro" abortion, more so that it's a better option than forcing unfit parents to have children) and I try to take a more balanced view of things than many of my friends and colleagues, who tend to view the world more "as it should be" rather than as it is. I'm not expecting a utopia or for other people to line up with my views 100%, I'm just hoping to give a little help to those who are getting the short end of the social stick. 

Libertarian brain. Democratic socialist at heart.

I believe in personal responsibility but I'm also intelligent enough to know we are not ready for that.

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I believe that the purpose of the government is to insomuch as possible to ensure a humane quality of life for its citizens. That typically puts me to the "left" in terms of American politics.

VGPolyglot said:
I'm a socialist, particularly an anarcho-communist in terms of my beliefs. I'd go more in depth, but I'm at school right now, so I may later.

These seem to be opposite on the spectrum, how can they fit together?