Reggie says Nintendo will “have a big E3 this year”, showcasing games for both Switch and 3DS

Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Reggie says Nintendo will “have a big E3 this year”, showcasing games for both Switch and 3DS

They better have new announcements off some big Switch games. Also where is Pikmin 4, that's games been well hidden for awhile to say it was nearly finished last year

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Metroid please Reggie

I wouldn't get overly hyped, but they should be set for a good show if they decide to reveal their hand for the remainder of 2017/first half 2018.

Listing the titles from Nintendo and major publishers (i.e. not indies) that I expect Nintendo to show in their broadcast, we can expect for the remainder of 2017:
- Zelda dlc (Switch/Wii U)
- Fire Emblem Warriors (Switch/New 3DS)
- Splatoon 2 (Switch- if it hasn't already launched)
- Super Mario Odyssey (Switch)
- Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Switch)
- Pikmin for 3DS
- Ever Oasis (3DS)
- Dragon Quest XII (Switch)
- Dragon Quest Heroes 1&2 (Switch)
- Skyrim (Switch)
- FIFA 18 (Switch)
- NBA 2K18 (Switch)
- Rayman Legends Definitive Edition (Switch)
- Sonic Forces (Switch)
- Sonic Mania (Switch)

Then, unconfirmed for 2017, we might see reveals such as:
- Pokemon Stars (Switch/3DS- I'd prefer Switch exclusive)
- Super Smash Bros for Switch
- Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC
- UbiSoft/Nintendo RPG

And, of course, we'll see the usual 'Nindie' sizzle reel, and a spotlight on some major indie titles and indie exclusives. Based on what we're hearing about the ease of porting to Switch, and the way in which indie support has increased considerably in the last 2 months since reveal, there could be quite a few new announcements. We might also finally hear about Virtual Console, if they don't spill the beans before June.

In addition, for 2018 and beyond, I'll expect we'll see more of:
- Fire Emblem (Switch)
- Project Octopath Traveler
- No More Heroes (Switch)
- Shin Megami Tensei (Switch)

I expect we'll see a few reveals from Nintendo, too, though I'm not sure what they'll reveal for 2018. Personally, though, I think Animal Crossing will be one of their big E3 reveals and will be dated for summer 2018 worldwide.

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Ugh, let the 3DS die in a fire.

Pokemon Stars confirmed to be dumbed down

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