There is a bill that will provide universal healthcare for California residents.

Forums - Politics Discussion - There is a bill that will provide universal healthcare for California residents.

Well I guess that means California is doomed now. Everyone will lose motivation to work because they have healthcare paid for them now. I also expect a statewide iPhone shortage.

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darkenergy said:



First the $15 minimum wage hike, then this? Im sure glad to be a California resident :)

Have fund trying to pay for it lol

I do prefer that healthcare is a state issue as opposed to a federal one, though. If this is what californians want, have at it!

You sure you actually have to be a resident? I mean its CA why not cover everyone that can make it in.

I have no idea who they plan to tax for this. We already are unable to lock up criminals, you could get caught red handed breaking into someones home, get sentenced guilty for your crime and probably not spend a day in jail. They already tax gas too much and can't keep the roads maintained. They tax businesses too much and too much regulation so they are leaving.

I have family there. It's a good state to be if you're young or old, but not good if you're middle aged.

It was Britain, it is America, tomorrow France and next year, the world... 

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    Could be nice. I'd gladly pay a bit more in taxes if it meant not having to fear a medical bill.

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    mountaindewslave said:

    the concerning part is that California is mega in debt as it is..... this sort of thing will just further that.

    All for states deciding their own shit, but if AS IT IS (before some sort of universal healthcare) California already fails at balancing their budget. What happens if the state is in a massive deficit in the future? I doubt this bill gets passed

    the minimum wage is a logical move because its been so poorly adjusted over the last few decades. 


    But I do agree with the sentiments that its better for individual states to be deciding if they want to do state gov healthcare stuff, rather than the fed gov doing all of that. Keep the states big and the Federal government small and people can actually live in states with rules and lives they prefer 

    Every state is "mega in debt", the difference is that California is pulling itself out fast.  


    Hell, even texas the oil state is losing money right now.  Same with Utah.  Those are the two major conservative money makers and both are losing money every year.  

    New York, also extremely liberal is in the green.  

    I made a little graph of the numbers for employment. I only did it for the major economies.  Two for conservative, two for liberal.  

    State Population Unemployed Food Stamp Recipients Percent Unemployed Percent Receiving FoodStamps
    Texas 27843770 646766 3921530 2.32% 14.08%
    Utah 3034007 47681 210553 1.57% 6.94%
    New York 19830948 501830 2923585 2.53% 14.74%
    California 39413003 1043874 4155035 2.65% 10.54%

    Source http://www.usdebtclock.org

    So liberal states have double the wage and a less than a percentage difference in unemployment.  

    Good luck with that. I'm all for California putting some of their ideas to the test.