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Best season ever! (If it's this season)

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Mmmm Stephen Amell... Reason enough to watch

Season 5 Finale is going to be crazy from what I'm reading, looks like these people will be in it...

Oliver, Prometheus, Talia, Black Siren, Nyssa, Slade, Captain Boomerang, Merlyn

It's like a Spartacus reunion, Manu Bennett said he wasn't returning for Arrow on twitter, maybe he's returning because of the Spartacus actors all being involved lol

Looking like Oliver, Slade, Nyssa Vs Prometheus, Talia and I assume Captain Boomerang + Black Siren.

This is a great show.

Spoiler filled hype trailer for the final five episodes

Arrow | Season 5 Sizzle | The CW

- Dinah vs Siren and Nyssa vs Talia should be great

- Nice to see the Yao Fei actor again even though it's almost certainly an hallucination

- How many times do the writers want to fuck with Quentin's heart, Black Siren kidnapping him, Jeez lol.

- Nice to see Anatoli and Oliver together again

- Merlyn sneaks in for the 50th time, bored of his character on Arrow now.


- Slade Wilson!!!!! Just his voice though...

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Well the great episode streak had to end at some point, weakest episode this season....Felicity 1 talks to Felicity 2 while Male Felicity makes bad jokes, Felicity and Terrific were annoying in this episode and Terrific as a whole is completely pointless so I'm kind of hoping he's one of the characters Prometheus kills (If any) and now we have the character drama shoved in between Diggle/Lyla & Oliver/Felicity also Helix as a whole I struggle to get any interest in at all, really hope they aren't a big bad of Season 6.

Even when Prometheus isn't in the episode he's fucking shit up though Always 10 steps ahead.

I've got a feeling that Lance will die too...hopefully he doesn't anyway next episode doesn't sound much better but at least 21, 22 and 23 sound great and the start of the big build up to Island royal rumble