Which game is a bigger embarrassment to their franchise? (FFXV or Andromeda?)

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Which game is more embarassing?

Final Fantasy XV 45 23.32%
Final Fantasy XV 13 6.74%
Mass Effe- I mean Final Fantasy XV 135 69.95%

Me was a great game just beat it. Haven't played ffxv.

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Azuren said:
The only people who consider FFXV an outright embarrassment are turn-based crybabies who can't handle combat. It didn't shake the industry, but it's a good game.

Andromeda... I dunno. I've never been a fan of Mass Effect.

..... really?Thats your answer for the ones that didnt like FF XV?Thats really stupid.

I didnt like FF XV, outside of the terrible combat system it has(and I also like real time action games), is its theme.I hated the modern setting theme that FF XV has going for.It has ,obviously in my opinion, nothing to do with FF, and absolutely nothing to do with a fantasy game.And its not like it nailed everything in betwenn, voice acting as an example.

Think before just calling people "names" just because they dont agree with you

I haven't played it, but from my experience, people really liked XV. It was XIII that is the broken heart that will never heal.
So based on that, I'd have to say Mass Effect Andromeda is the bigger embarrassment.

Well imo Final Fantasy XV is not bad game. Just waist of huge potential in story and knowledge of how great game it could possibly be is why we don't like it so much.

Definitely Mass Effect from what i've seen and heard, not even close really.

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Bad poll is bad

Ff15 is one of the best games i played last year and its not even the worst ff main game so to me its not an embarrassment to the series. I haven't played andromeda yet