Which game is a bigger embarrassment to their franchise? (FFXV or Andromeda?)

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Which game is more embarassing?

Final Fantasy XV 45 23.32%
Final Fantasy XV 13 6.74%
Mass Effe- I mean Final Fantasy XV 135 69.95%

Only reason FFXV isn't the biggest embarassment is because the FF series has a legion of embarassments.

I haven't played andromeda, just looked at the first minutes. I can't tell it's nearly the mess FFXV is just because faces and animations are janky.
On that note, i remember having a big debate when inquisition came out about how the faces creeped me out and other people here saying it was me and it was a masterpiece. Alas they re-use them on Andromeda and it collectively dawns on everyone. It's never me, it's always biases. But alas... it's the price to pay for having experience on this videogame thing.

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Mass Effect is clearly the bigger embarrassment. FFXV isn't exactly an amazing game, the final product was nowhere near as good as what was originally promised to us when it was first announced as Versus 13, but it's still a hell of alot better than Andromeda. The metacritic scores say it all:

FFXV: 81 critic, 77 user
Andromeda: 74 critic, 44 user

Andromeda is 7 points lower on the critic average and a whopping 33 points lower on the user average. FFXV is actually a step up in quality from XIII, Androimeda is a step down in quality from Mass Effect 3.

What are you even rambling about? You're spouting opinions here.

Final Fantasy is GOOD again. It's​ sucked since FFX.

Andromeda, on the other hand, I'm not even going to touch that. I think there are people out there that just HATE everything that isn't a mindless action game.

How is FFXV an embarrassment when it's still one of the better games around?

Final Fantasy XV is a great game and a good Final Fantasy. If anything it brought the franchise back from the mess FFXIII created in terms of single player games (A Realm Reborn was awesome, but that is an MMO) This comparison is a joke.

The title should just read, "Andromeda is a huge embarrassment to the franchise."

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Troll thread is troll. I mean, just looked at the poll options and the OP hasn't posted anything since he started the thread. Haha

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I thought Final fantasy XV was pretty good outside the lovely framepacing issues of course. Perhaps not a very traditional FF game but not a bad game. Mass effect however is a major dissapointment fir me.

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FFXV had some problems for sure and its far from being a great game but in no way is it an embarrassment, Mass Effect Andromeda on the other hand...

Final Fantasy XV is a good game and one of the best games of last year. I don't see why its an embarassment for being well received by critics and players.

Mass Effect Andromeda is one of the worst games of this year. So you're putting one of the best games of last yeara and one of the worst games of this year in the same category which is not justified in any way.

FF XV an embarrasment?

Why do you even bother playing a game you don't like? I loved every minute of it