Which game is a bigger embarrassment to their franchise? (FFXV or Andromeda?)

Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which game is a bigger embarrassment to their franchise? (FFXV or Andromeda?)

Which game is more embarassing?

Final Fantasy XV 45 23.32%
Final Fantasy XV 13 6.74%
Mass Effe- I mean Final Fantasy XV 135 69.95%

The true answer is Final Fantasy 13.


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FFXV is my favourite FF and even though it has some rough edges it is a great game. Haven't played Andromeda yet.


I don't even know what to make of this... 15 was an embarrassing game? Those aren't the impressions I got. I suppose only if you consider that 15 was originally announced along side 13, but the final product seemed to be overall a good release.

I'd give an answer to this if it was presented in a more well written manner.



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FFXV isn't awful but it's not great either mainly because it's unfinished and the world is dull to explore. Not very good combat. It's still somewhat enjoyable but I doubt I ever play it again.

Final Fantasy XIII and it's shit sequels are the real embarrassment. Mass Effect has been embarrassing since ME3. ME:A is pretty awful.

Well, no one's been making fun on Final Fantasy XV at the very least, and I don't think I've heard people hate it too much either. For the most part, people still consider it a good game even with its flaws. There's just nothing embarrassing about it.

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I haven't played either. Watching my roommate play Mass Effect, and it looks rather underwhelming. I remember the graphics being some of the best of the last gen. I asked him if this game was the new Mass Effect, because it looked kind of bad. Gameplay wise, I won't judge. However, it seems the series took a huge dive if Metacritic matters to people.

FFXV has been a step up from XIII and somewhat scene as a redemption in the fan's hearts (not to mention, it has a better Metacritic score) so I would say Adromeda loses big.

Off topic, you probably should include an option where for FFXV in your poll if you don't want to reek of fanboyism.

Sounds like you're projecting.

Your personal feelings towards FFXV aside, the general reception towards XV has not been anything like what Andromeda is facing right now.

The metacritic score of Lightning Returns was 66. It's 81 for XV. Even if we only compare to the original XIII, which was 83, the reviews are in line.
Andromeda not only fell significantly short of it's predecessors among reviewers, but has been made fun of by fans for it's hilariously bad animations to the point where it's become a meme.
I don't see anything like that for XV.

You also didn't see famous lead developers (Naughty Dog) explaining "what they think went wrong" with XV.

Very poor comparison.

As an outsider looking in (only played FFX and ME2), Mass effect. Hands down.

FFXV is just fine. So of the two ME: Andromeda seems to be the most embarrassing.

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Cloudman said:

I'd give an answer to this if it was presented in a more well written manner.

This comment is hilarious when combined with your avatar's expression.

OT: I assume Andromeda based on fan reception. Can't say I'm interested enough to test either out though.

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