Which game is a bigger embarrassment to their franchise? (FFXV or Andromeda?)

Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which game is a bigger embarrassment to their franchise? (FFXV or Andromeda?)

Which game is more embarassing?

Final Fantasy XV 45 23.32%
Final Fantasy XV 13 6.74%
Mass Effe- I mean Final Fantasy XV 135 69.95%


Final Fantasy had already become a laughing stock long before 15 released. Mass Effect hadn't.

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Andromeda, hands down, like Roger is a disgrace to cartoon characters everywhere.

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Jokes? FFXV>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>(infinite arrows)>>>>>FFXIII

ME(1-3)>>>>>>>>>ME Andromeda (according to masses)

I don't think Andromeda has been that bad so far? Only played a few hours last night and apart from the last gen character models it's fine.

I enjoyed FFXV so much and i thought i was gonna be put off after the bashing it got. A fine addition to the series. I still haven't played ME andromeda, but FFXV, wasn't humiliated like that at launch

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I'm sorry how is FFXV in the same sentence as ME:A? FFXV brought back honor to the FF name. You must mean FFXIII.

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As a fan of the ME Effect franchise I am really enjoying Andromeda. The media and gaming community was too eager to jump on the hate wagon. I really really enjoyed FF as well.

I ignored reviews and I purposely refused to compare it to games like TW3, HZD, and Zelda. Those game are on another level this gen. It's a different setting, has its issues, but is still a fun an amazing and fun experience.

It has its technical issues but at times at the same time looks absolutely amazing on my PS4 Pro.

IMO, I enjoyed these two games over several others rated way higher this gen.

Final Fantasy already had dissapointing games before XV. Mass Effect Adromeda is the first huge dissapointing game for the Mass Effect franchise (unless you found Mass Effect 3 dissappointing but they're not really on the same level)

Lul wut, 15 at least was decent in its own right. ME A's only redeeming quality is the combat as I'm honestly finding myself playing MP more than the campaign which is not a good sign for an RPG.

FF15 isn't an embarassment though...