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Mine is unchanged since 1993, Betrayal at Krondor is still the best game I ever played, all things considered.

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It has changed quite a few times, actually.

First it was Cardinal Syn (ps1). I loved that game to pieces.

Then it went back to Super Mario Bros 3. It remained my favourite game until I played Heroes of Might and Magic 3.
I thought nothing could beat it. Then it was replaced by King's Bounty: Armoured Princess.

Journey was an amazing experience but I could never see it as my absolute favourite of all time.

A few years ago I played Beyond: Two Souls. Half-way through the game, I just knew I found my "perfect" game. Words can't express how much I liked it. I don't see it being replaced by anything else, but based on how many time I've changed my mind it's quite likely.

As others have lamented, a strong combination of your number 1 for the longest time, how it has lasted throughout the years, how you have felt about it when you have played it determines your numero uno game and probably sets it in stone for at least a great fraction of your life if not all of it.

LttP was my first favorite game of all time before I was a FF fan, but then after getting into rpgs through SMRPG my tastes changed a little and then I played through FF7, then FF9. Everything changed and my mind opened up and made DMT trips more interesting.

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My #1 game has been Starcraft since 1998, so not often. Before that it was Super Mario Bros. 3

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Jpcc86 said:
Hiku said:

After I played Suikoden 2, it has remained my #1 favorite game ever since.

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It is my number one aswell. Nothing can beat it. 

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Nothing has yet to beat Spyro Year of the Dragon for me.

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I can't say that I have one specific #1 game but I have 5 favourite games and this doesn't change for years. I doubt that any game can ever beat something on that list. So I think it will remain unchanged


My #1 game doesn't exist anymore, as it is Classic, BC, WOTLK World of Warcraft. And even if it was revived, the community back then is much different compared to today that it still wouldn't exist. Will be hard to find a game to top that.

StarCraft: Brood War used to be my #1 game but it got replaced and strangely not by a new game surpassing it. My "new" #1 is Chrono Trigger which is actually older than SC and which I played before SC too

I made the change when I started including how likely I'd be to replay the game and since much of the fun I had with StarCraft was linked to me playing Terran vs Protoss against my brother when we were both living at my parent's house, I figured it couldn't really stay #1.

Chrono Trigger on the other hand, I could play anytime and still love every second of it!

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So far it hasn't - And probably will not. I can only beat a game 5 + times so and so often... your reign shall remain supreme Ocarina.

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