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Your mainstay genre

RPG 37 52.11%
Strategy 8 11.27%
MOBA 2 2.82%
FPS 8 11.27%
Sandbox 6 8.45%
Fighting 3 4.23%
Simulation 3 4.23%
Sports 4 5.63%

8-bit and 16-bit games. The genre doesn't matter. Anything else and I get burnt out and have to take long breaks.

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Fighting games and rpgs.
I may at times have reservations for booting up an rpg, but once I actually sit down to play it, that feeling goes away shortly after.

Platforms and RPGs, might get a little burned out from RPGs, but I always come back to them.

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Super (Ultra) Street Fighter 4 never gets old but I haven't touched it in a long time. I need to get back into it.

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Platformers, something you didn't even include on your poll, you deserved to be burned alive.

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Bullet hell, platformers, fighting games and strategy games.

A good non-military, non-MOBA FPS or TPS. Examples:

Resistance 2 MP
Resistance 3 MP
Uncharted 2 MP
Uncharted 3 MP
Uncharted 4 MP
Killzone 2 MP
Killzone 3 MP
Killzone: Shadow Fall MP

i'll go back and play a few rounds of smash, maybe some minecraft for the hell of it, but I've never just had one game that I got stuck to. in a way I'm jealous of people that can just play one game for years on end and never need a refresher, but then on the other hand, i dont want to miss out on so many other titles.

RPG games by far.

But also star craft 2, it's its own genre. I would say racing sims, but sadly i don't have an amazing set up.

d21lewis said:
Wright said:

I have a few:

Dragon's Dogma


Excellent choice! Very absorbing game. I need to give it a replay. 

That game has something unique in it. Besides being an amazing experience in itself, the way it handles New Game + (like being able to keep all key items or even have forged required elements that allow you to progress twice as fasf) invites replayability over and over and over. It is a game that you can perfectly beat under a day if you know what you are doing because of the way it is structured, but at the same time preparation and skill is also needed.