Would you buy a Switch for a Metroid game by FromSoftware ?

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You would buy a switch for a metroid game by fromsoftware ?

Yes 62 34.07%
No 51 28.02%
i dont know 17 9.34%
i already have a switch 52 28.57%

The Lovecraftian Metroid hellscape I've always dreamed of playing. 


I don't know if From would be the best for a Metroid game, I realize they're quite talented and can make games with varied settings, so I don't doubt they could make a good Metroid, but would they be the ideal studio? I'm not certain. I don't think the soulsborne style works particularly well for Metroid, which was more about exploration than monstrously difficult combat. I only know that Team Ninja and Platinum, for that matter, can stay away. As much as I like a number of both companies' games, their styles are all wrong for Metroid, and Other M was the worst representation of Samus possible, I believe (I know that was team Ninja, but Platinum tends to have a similar smooth combat/janky story formula, save for a special few games like Nier Automata). 

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Why From Software? I would not want a Metroid game to play like a Souls game. And I really don't even see the correlation, as Metroid plays nothing like a melee weapon based Souls game.

I've stated it many times in the past, but while I'd be OK with another Prime game by Retro. But the Metroid game I truly want, is a fully 2D, sprite based/hand drawn Metroid in the vein of Super Metroid, either by Nintendo themselves if they'd ever get off their ass (they did great with Zero Mission, after all), or a developer that specializes in 2D games, like Way Forward, Vanillaware, or Good-Feel, etc.

I've been waiting for a TRUE Super Metroid sequel forever, and while Fusion was a solid game, it really wasn't a Super Metroid type game (too linear, forced story elements).

From Software Metroid Prime would be quite interesting.

My dream is Gary Ginther to work on Metroid. He still works for Retro. He was one of the artists for the Darksiders series. I saw his work in Donkey Kong County Tropical Freeze but I want to see his work on Space Pirates,Ridley,Kraid and other nasty creatures in the Metroid universe.

Honestly my main interest is in the Prime Series.

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No, I don't like the idea, and I prefer 2D Metroid anyways.

I love the Souls series but I don't really think it's the closest approximation to 3D Metroidvania. Something like Arkham Asylum is a lot closer.

I don't think Metroid and From would be a good match. Maybe another IP?

SegataSanshiro said:

OP references Souls in relation to making Metroid. Yes I know what they make. Do you own Frame Gride or Otogi? I do oh and 3D Dot Games Heroes. OP wants a Souls Metroid however.

Style can just be a reference to tone. I don't see anything wrong with that.

Well, this is new.


Ehh, of course not, From Software have better things to do.
Doing a Berserk game with their style, THAT should be what they should be doing.

I know it would be a single character story focused, with a single weapon (well, he also have his arrows...), and also completely melee focused, but being freaking Guts and doing his shit is more than worth it.

Just do it, please.

Retro Studios sure have been quiet of late, surely Metroid Prime 4 will be unveiled for Switch @ E3?