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John Carter of Mars


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spurgeonryan said:
John Carter of Mars


Lol. You know, John Carter actually has decent meta ratings. Still though. :)

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Ive always loved the movie Fallen. Never hear anyone talk about it.


Thought of another one. When I was in film school, one of my foundational classes included watching tons of films around themes. Chungking Express by superb Hong Kong director Wong Kar Wai was pretty much everyone's favorite from the semester. Very personal, weird film about two people basically turning into stalkers in 90s Hong Kong. Masterful tones of loneliness in an urban setting, something we all totally related to in New York. 

Unfortunately, all the trailers make the film look like dogshit, so here's a clip instead.

I'm afraid I'm going to keep coming back and posting more. Have to stop... thinking... of movies...

Yeah, I'm gonna be lazy and mention one I brought up already. Popstar. Here's a deleted scene, which is also currently, my honest to goodness favorite song.

Chinese food for breakfast


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Hiku said:

12 Angry Men (1957)

There's a good reason why this is ranked as the #5 highest rated movie of all time on IMDB.

Perhaps I wouldn't put it in my own top 5, but it's certainly a film people should watch.
While it's certainly appreciated by many people, it seems to be a movie that many from our generation tend to overlook.
Every time I ask if someone has seen it, they haven't.

It's about twelve jury members on a murder case. That's it. That's the entire movie. Just that one discussion they have about whether the defendant is guilty or not. It's only 1h 36m long. Sounds boring, huh?
Well, it's not actually about the defendant or the murder case itself, but about each of these twelve characters, how they differ from each other, and what they learn about themselves through this process.
It starts off with 11 "Guilty" verdicts, and 1 "Not guilty" verdict. They have to reach a consensus before they can leave and go home.

I had no expectations going into this film, but it was quite enjoyable and I would recomend it to anyone.

Its good, but I actually prefer the 1997 remake. Might be because I saw that one first though.

Miller's Crossing.

This Coen Brothers film pretty much bombed at the box office although it did receive positive critical reviews.

It suffered partly because it came out at the same time as Goodfellas and partly because the wider audience hadn't yet embraced the quirky brilliance of the Coens.

A great story, with excellent acting from Gabriel Byrne, Marcia Gay Hardin, Albert Finney, Jon Polito and John Turturro it really benefits from multiple viewings. Add in the cinematography of Barry Sonnenfeld and you have a true gem.

Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions.

Certain people are so familiar with the anime and card game that they ignore and are just ignorant of the manga, which is the source, and where Yu-Gi-Oh! started. The movie is a sequel to the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga that started 20 years ago. So people who only watched the anime won't be able to appreciate the movie for what it is, what it means, and what Kazuki Takahashi is trying to do with it because the anime is not the same story as the manga.

Awesome movies guys, this thread is an indie gold mine :)

Is reservoir dogs still considered underappreciated? If not then high plains drifter