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superchunk said:
- list of the same games or games only one shows but is on both consoles (or all)... this will cover over 90% of their individual presentations.
- Each will have 1~3 actual exclusives that cover games launching between Fall2017 and up to 2019 if any date is given.
- MS will touch on the Scorpio with final details (hint: its more powerful Xbox One)
- Sony will focus on their sales lead and will push VR again... though I think its as dead as 3D.
- Sony will also continue trend of following Nintendo's lead with some sort of push for portability with PS4. Maybe new Vita variant with bump in performance or new-redefined streaming gaming functionality for a newer slimmer/lower-priced Vita. (before you call troll on this, I think history is pretty clear Sony copies Nintendo's successful innovations and its not necessarily a bad thing)

- Switch focus with maybe a couple 3DS titles
- Elaborate on excellent launch, brag about Zelda
- Focus on some of the common yearly multiplats hitting Switch in the normal fall run with CEOs or others from those companies
- Detail out VC and Online Paywall (will be tied together as the unique feature to upgrade your VC content), will also highlight app support for Switch
- Tease some big 2018 title(s) such as Pikmin, Monster Hunter, Pokemon, etc... switch exclusives.
- Re-iterate larger 3rd party titles such as DQ and something else that is not a typical yearly title.
- highlight a larger number of Indie/3rd party titles though reel.
- A couple 2~3 smaller Nintendo titles/2nd party similar to yoshi, X, etc.
- Double down on rest of year big hitters such as Splatoon2 and Mario Odyssey.

Wait does history really show that? And if so......where? And what innovations would they be copying this time? I hope you are not talking about the switch. Is the Switch the Nintendo version of the PSP just more advanced/a bump in performance? Because ya know the PSP had pretty much the same concept a long time ago. Just saying.......sorry didn't mean to pull the thread off topic!

Edit: If this is saecasam excuse me because I missed it again. I have been slacking there lately lol.

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Nintendo: New games really

- Rune Factory 5
- FF Tactics A3

definitely just a wish list D:

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What I'd like to see the most:

-Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer and new info, PLEASE, it's about time, I'm thirsty for new stuf related to this game.. Hopefully they don't show just some random screenshot.
-Xenoblade Chronicles 2 trailer and gameplay and exploration footage. Release date too.
-Mario Odyssey gameplay footage.
-Also, I'd love if Nintendo announced a Kid Icarus Uprising 2 and Luigi's Mansion 3 (let me dream)
-Pokemon for Switch

Nintendo to me has the most avenues to winning E3 due to their wide game potential we can safely assume is there (Like Oddysey and Fire Emblem Warriors), though I will admit Sony could beat them if they have a really good presentation or Nintendo doesn't have any major surprises in or outside what they announced.

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pokoko said:
Veknoid_Outcast said:

I wish everyone would do a recorded event. Those live things are so awkward, bloated, overproduced, and overlong.

I understand what you're saying but the recorded events would have to be less awkward, bloated, and overproduced themselves.  I mean, when you have Reggie and another grown man sitting down to play with Skylander Amiibo or you have Miyamoto wandering around looking at temples, then you're hitting the hat-trick for awkward, bloated, and overproduced.

Still the absolute best show I've ever seen at an E3 was Sony's from last year (or was it the year before?) where they showed games one after another.  Live or recorded, both can be done well or done poorly.

Fair enough. I just think pre-recorded events are safer because everything can be scripted. You don't get all those long walks from backstage to center stage, gameplay demos that malfunction, or not-ready-for-prime-time developers fumbling through their talking points. Now, you do lose that energy from the crowd like you mentioned, but I think overall you get a tighter, more focused presentation.

But of course you're right that in the wrong hands a pre-recorded presentation could be disastrous. Nintendo could hire Tommy Wiseau to direct

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Farcry 5(likely)
Elder Scrolls 6 (not too likely)
Portal 3 (impossible)
Pokemon Switch (50-50)

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A new 2D Mario that doesn't have the word new in the title among as many Switch announcements as possible are my only wishes.

Also, and this one is out-there, information on Dragon Quest XI and KHIII not being delayed (as well as somehow on the Switch.)

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NintendoPie said:

A new 2D Mario that doesn't have the word new in the title among as many Switch announcements as possible are my only wishes.

Also, and this one is out-there, information on Dragon Quest XI and KHIII not being delayed (as well as somehow on the Switch.)

Somthing without a release date can't be delayed :P

Keybladewielder said:

Somthing without a release date can't be delayed :P

I'd say no mention of KHIII at E3 or at any point this year means the game is delayed in development, release date or not. But that sounds like an excuse Square Enix would throw out there, lol.

Carl is a Piplup hater and deserves to be punished eternally.

Yerm said:
okay. a bit early so i'll keep things simple. JUST KIDDING

Nintendo: I predict a huge amount of Switch news.
-Splatoon 2 gets a release date
-Super Mario Odyssey gets a new trailer and release date.
-Pikmin 4 is revealed
-Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch is revealed
-Ice Climbers, Inkling Girl, and Inkling Boy all announced as new characters.
-updated version of SSB for Wii U, features an updated menu
-All stages now available for 8-player Smash
-Xenoblade Chronicles 2 gets a new trailer and is delayed to early 2018
-Virtual Console announced for the Switch
-NES and SNES titles will be available after the presentation
-N64, GB, and GBA titles will be available this Winter
-GC, DS, and Wii titles will be slowly rolling out starting early 2018
-Switch will receive an update to support the Wii U GameCube Controller Adapter in docked mode
-Pokemon Gold & Silver announced for 3DS and Switch virtual console
-next Pokemon main series title announced for 3DS
-new Metroid title announced for Switch, no gameplay shown
-Super Mario Maker will be ported to the Switch and all Wii U levels will be downloadable and playable
-Console update to add Internet Browser announced.
-Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and YouTube will all be coming at a later date
-Huge Indie showcase from various high-end Indie developers. both current and future titles announced
-Starfox Zero 2 announced for Switch

Man! If you are right in half of these assumptions, I will be happy to Credit-card a Switch Ass fo sho right after those anouncements!!


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