I truly hope Nintendo stops disappointing gamers now that the Switch is a success

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Think about this. How much times have we heard "We'll talk about that in the future" "Please understand" "Please give this game a 2nd look" "I didn't forget about that" "We focus on content" " "Delayed game is a better game"  Or absolutely no comment on the games that we want....

As a Nintendo fan I feel we been having a Nintendo vs Fans war for the last decade. Super Smash Bros suffering lag and they're not doing anything about it. We want Metroid but they're trying to forget about it. Nintendo delaying their games. We want traditional controls but they add Motion controls for Skyward Sword and weird awkward controls for Star Fox Zero. Fans want Mother 3 for the longest time ever. Nintendo not happy with their content on Youtube. I can go on and on about these things all day but all this needs to stop right now. The Fans are always right and are best for their business. 

Now that Nintendo's newest Hybrid console is successful. I hope the relationship between Nintendo and it's fans will improve. I hope they listen to us now that we gave them what they wanted. I hope Nintendo will make another Metroid game, I hope they give us an option to choose between normal standard controls and gimmick controls. The Wii motion controls, DS touch controls were not neccesary at all in my opinion. If the video game "Arms" was a Wii title, Nintendo would've forced motion controls on us and the game's reveiws would've been mixed. Now since it's been confirmed that we can use standard controls for Arms. I am very excited to get it. I LOVE NORMAL STANDARD CONTROLS. We need to see more titles like Arms in the future. I hope they stop delaying games as well. Like yeah we all hard "broken game forever, but delayed game is better" stuff. Just DON'T SAY ANYTHING at all about the release date.  People may think "it's going to drive us crazy if they go 3 years without information" THEN DON'T SHOW A TRAILER 3 YEARS EARLY. It's simple.

Nintendo and it's fans are getting on better terms, but the damage has been done. Damage? What damage? Because of their delays on Zelda Breath of the Wild, As a Zelda fan I LOST INTEREST in the game itself, yes I will get it eventually but if they didn't delay that game so much I would've bought it day 1. If they gave us an option to use standard controls for Skyward Sword, it would've been my favorite Zela game. You see? there's people JUST LIKE ME. I still haven't got the Nintendo Switch yet, but when I do I expect Nintendo to treat us better. I love Nintendo and their games. And I want the good ole' N64/GC days again.  Switch is successful, NOW is the time to make everyone happier.  

What do you think?           

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What I think? Shut up.



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If you are truly a zelda fan, you would know that just about every main Zelda game gets delayed.

okr said:
What I think? Shut up.

Not really possible. No matter what they do it will disappoint some people, because everybody expects different things from them and they can't meet all of those expectations at once.

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BotW has your standard controls, fyi

But no, can't impress everyone and I'm sure you will be in for disappointment as well D:

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I have to say, it's too early to call the Switch a success. I mean, sure it had a good launch, but if sales plummet in a few months and it goes on to sell 10M-20M LT, will that be a success? Having said that, I'm sure output for the Switch will be much better than the Wii U. Even if 3rd party support starts to dry up, Nintendo will be solely focusing on the Switch. That will help greatly with 1st party output.

Wow!!! The switch is successful. To determine the success of a console from its sell through on launch day is very foolish. The wii u and Ouya say hi.

okr said:
What I think? Shut up.


People always complain with Nintendo. I remember when Sm4sh came and everyone was whining because we had Dr.Mario/Dark Pit instead of Ridley, Goku, or whatever the hell people seem to desire.

Personally, I'm glad companies don't ask their fans for advice. If they did, chances are we'd get a Mario+Luigi ecchi game. "Fans" can stay on threads and whine about Paper Mario or any other series as everyone else enjoys their games. With the amount of crying we see from salty Nintendo fans, I'm not surprised to see fanservice from Nintendo is kept to a minimum.


They just need to fix up the Switch- something which will take time. After all, every device this gen was rather disappointing at launch. Only exception would be the Wii, which was complete since launch.

It's a success yet it's only been out two weeks?

OK bud.