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jason1637 said:

Most of the negatives i seen online come from the female characters facial expression and animations so for the best experience id suggest using Scott. Playing as him i had no weird facial expressions, and naimation problems. His interactions with other characters were intriguing. The game is full of different personalities. You could also interact with randoms and do side quest for them.

Ultimately there's no way to know until the game comes out :/ 

and even then, truly knowing where I'll sit with the game may take a while after finishing. It took a lot of sitting and reflecting to realize all the problems I had with ME3 (a very long, sorrowful list, I'm afraid), so it'll be up to a lot of subtle things probably. I'm still excited, there's so much I love about the series that even if it isn't the best, I'm sure I'll still enjoy the hell out of it.

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Based on what I've seen so far, I am thinking a 78.

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Metascore: 84
User Score: 3.2

For better or Worse BOTW has set a new standar for all future AAA releases.

It is the masterpiece of this era.

So ill go with 84.

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1. Fuck Mass Effect and fuck Bioware. I can't believe these guys made fantastic games like Baldur's Gate and Kotor. Motherfuckers.

90 plus falling slowly to low 80's


d21lewis said:
84 says I to you.

Uncanny, my thoughts right here. 

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I'll go 84 as well.