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JC317 said:
3DS: Yes, I own a 3DSXL, I play Pokemon Shuffle on it :P
Wii U: No, and I am not planning on getting one
Switch: Not yet, still waiting on that one must-get game e.g. Pokemon

Oh yes, I remember your crazy Pokemon Shuffle playtimes :p

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3DS- I Own 3 3DS
Wii U- i Owned a Wii U
Switch- I plan to get one around the summer or holiday


I have a 3DS XL. I still play on it. Currently playing Phoenix Wright V. And I will get more games for it, like Fire emblem Echoes.

Wii U:

No. Don't plan to get one.


No. I may get one in the future, but it will depend on its price and amount of available games I'm interested in. But if I get one it probably won't be for another year or two at least. Got too many games waiting to be played on other systems.

3DS: Owned since Launch. Got Zelda Edition XL for bithday.

Wii U: Had one for 3 Years before not working anymore.

Switch: Not Interested

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3ds- I've owned a total of four over its life time. I think I have nearly twenty games for it.

Wii U- owned a total of two black consoles because my original launch day console broke a month after. I'll probably end up keeping it but its only gonna come out of its box for special occasions.

Switch- Bought it day one and really looking forward for the next few years of Ninty games coming to it.

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3ds: i have 3, one 3ds from japan, one 3ds from portugal and one 3ds xl from US ( i had a comum 3ds from USA but my sister broken playing cooking mama long time ago ).

wii u: i have one from USA ( zelda wind waker edition )

Switch: i plan to buy in july ( I'm going to travel to New York and I'm going to buy the switch there )


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Got a 3DS and a Wii U.

I'm in possession of a N3DS XL, WiiU and Switch. Basically a newborn Nintendo fan in my older days :).

Do you own it, and how many? Planning on getting one? Do you still play it?

Yes - 2 - NA - rarely

Wii U:
Do you own it, had owned one and sold it off, or planning to get one? Which version? Do you still use it and for which games?

Own/keep - Deluxe - rarely (kids play random and VC myself)

Do you own one? Or want to get one but can't because of stock? More importantly, what games do you currently own and which ones are you for sure planning to get?

Yes - Own 2 - Zelda/Bomberman (see sig link for all games)

3DS: Yes, 1
Wii U: Yes, no longer play. If did would probably pop in TP or XCX
Switch: Yes, Zelda. Not gonna bother listing planning on games.