For what console did you get Zelda BOTW

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Which version of BOTW do you have:

Wii U 112 33.94%
Switch 134 40.61%
I will get it for Wii U 21 6.36%
I will get it for Switch 34 10.30%
potato 29 8.79%

I bought in on the WiiU.

I'm sure I'm gonna double dip for Zelda BOTW when I'll possessed a Switch next summer.

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Switch since I bought it D1, if I find it at retail I might pick up the Wii U version aswell, that's gona cost A LOT in a few years

Both. Wasn't originally planning to but I pre-ordered the special edition and then couldn't get a hold of a Switch :V So I went and picked up the Wii U version so I could play before I had it spoiled for me.

I have a Wii U and a Switch, so I got it for the new console.

Have to add that I'm pretty happy for getting both versions. This game deserves it

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Got in on my Wii U cause that's the system I've been waiting to play this game on since 2014.

Who knows, maybe on a distant future when I get a Switch, I might double dip.

Switch, but my copy hasn't arrived yet,

Wii U, in the future

I like potatoes too.

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Wii U. No plans to get a Switch until it has much more games and a good price drop... maybe a re-design if problems persist.

I wanted so hard not to buy this game... but fuck it, been working hard and needed to TREAT YO SELF.

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