So have you updated your PS4 to 4.50? Problems?

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I'm at work now, but I'm going to update my PS4 when I go home for lunch.  But I did come across this bit of info:

"Specifically, users are flocking to messages boards to report that the notification system is now a jumbled mess, as opposed to being sorted into individual categories like before. As such, you now have to scroll down a huge list in order to find the notification you want, as opposed to having them neatly sorted out to facilitate ease of browsing."

From: PS4 update 4.50 angers gamers with notifications screw up

Obviously, the more organized the better.  But has this or anything else as been an issue with you?

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I was a beta user, and the new notifications hasnt been a problem :)

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I spilled my coffee, thats a problem.

Nah. No problems yet. I am getting a 4 TB external HDD in a little bit.

The notifications were like that in Beta... it's annoying, no idea why they changed it. Can't find a way to delete notifications either anymore.

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Ooooo. Will wait a bit until I update.

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Still have to update it.
How big is the update file size, btw?

Updated a few hours ago, punched in dat boost mode aaaand... I didn't notice any differences. At least not in GTA 5 and Witcher, haven't tried other games yet.

No other problems, I don't give two fucks about notifications though, so I wouldn't notice if there's anything wrong with it. External storage works beautifully, hooked up 8 TB to that sucker, now I can finally have all my games installed at the same time.

PSN is still slow as fuck though. I clicked on all my games and it doesn't get above 5 MB/s. Witj my 200 Mbit/s, it should be 25 MB/s, Steam and Xbox Live reach that speed just fine. Sucks, because now it will most likely take 2 days or something to download everything. But yeah. I guess I'm missing the topic with that. =D

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Notifications still exist, that itself is an issue for me...

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Whoever came up with the new notifications tab deserves a hard punch in the face.

We went from this

To this.....

You also can no longer clear any notifications from the list. Sony really should release a new update ASAP to bring back the old notification tab.