105k Switches sold in France - best ever launch - 130k Zelda (96k Sw)

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Objective completed for Nintendo in France. The distributor has sold 105.000 units of its new console, the Nintendo Switch, available from March 3rd. This is the best launch for Nintendo in France since the eighties. It is also the best launch of a console in France, between all the distributors, according to Nintendo. The french branch has fulfilled its objective, which was to match the sales of the Wii, who sold 95.000 units on its first weekend, in November 2007.




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Nice going! Any words on Zelda? :D

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That is amazing, France always love Nintendo, keep it going Nintendo

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numbers trickling in

just tell us the ww figure Nintendo

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France as impressive. Now to we need Germany. Still don't believe in the whole region but if Nintendo can get strong footing in France and some of the other markets it might be fine for them after all.


Waiting for the negative players to spin this into being bad.

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Chloe Woitier Says 130k Zelda ( 96k switch ) it you want to adjust :P


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very solid numbers for france it seems. not lets see how this thing holds.

Excellent news!Hopefully Nintendo keeps this up.So far its 185 K in Europe.