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celador said:
when are we going to get a study to tell us what nationality of women have the tightest pussies?

I'm no expert, but probably asian women ;)

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Should have been born in Congo. But i prefer to be above average.

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I wonder what kind of research had to take place to get these results... And uh...looks like I was born in the Congo!

Ljink96 said:
I wonder what kind of research had to take place to get these results... And uh...looks like I was born in the Congo!

Well, neither the OP nor the picture give a source, so who knows how they got the results, or if this is even true.

DonFerrari said:
Should have been born in Congo. But i prefer to be above average.

With the political issues there, you should be glad to not be born in Congo.

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VGPolyglot said:
bdbdbd said:

You know, that's not excactly true. They do adapt to "smaller" size, but when it's someone who's really tight in question, it can really feel like someone tries to rip your dick off and bend it in the middle. What it feels depends also on how deep can you get. 

Wasn't this about women's hypocrisy? But that is typical female behaviour: you bitch about being judged by "something", but the next thing to do, is judge someone else by the same criteria. Or the opposite: first you judge people based on something, and when people follow your example, you start bitching that "this shouldn't be done".

In a way this is because of the passive-aggressive behaviour of women, where you go up in social status by badmouthing others. Typically the women start badmouthing other women by calling them fat whores or anything like that, then the guys, in hopes of getting laid, follow the example. When it is you being the target, you try to change the "rules" of the game to favour you to go up in hierarchy.

This is actually very interesting social game. Women always try to have a "mass" behind them. The more guys you have on the "friend zone", the better your social status, then again, they can turn their back on you with a snap of fingers, when it favours them. 

And this is why we don't have many women here. It's such an unwelcoming place for them.

If you think this is unwelcoming place for women, you haven't been in parenting- and weight loss forums, where women are the majority, THAT'S what's really an unwelcoming place for women. Why you don't see women here, is because the majority of videogames today are made young males in mind - heck, you don't see even guys my age on videogames forums that often (except here, for some reason), because videogames are made for guys younger than I am.

Look, once you're at my age, you likely have lost lots of your sexist world view due to experience and you understand my previous post. I don't think calling something an "unwelcoming place" is enough to disprove 200 years worth of psychological research. 

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CrazyGamer2017 said:
curl-6 said:
I don't even know my size. Since all I use it for is urination and masturbation, size is somewhat irrelevant.

Most relevant and sensible post in this entire thread.

Cheers. It's just not something I really think about, just like I don't spend much time thinking about my golf swing since I don't play golf.

lol only in 2018 can such a topic cause a SJW debate...

They have a near complete list of all countries on another website. Mine is Congo size but it doesn't feel that big. lol

As has probably been said before, the Congo and Asian stats are likely a fabrication or exaggerated in order for porn sites to sell the BBC stuff. If 7 is average then that means, 9 would be quite commonplace or even more and yet 9s are quite rare and 10+ functional is pretty much unseen.