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I kinda agree when it comes to the ps store, the prices are kinda ridiculous but sometimes worth it due to sales, plus cross buy between Vita/PS3/4. On pc is pretty much the only option unless you really want to own a physical copy

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Farsala said:
d21lewis said:



If you're a single console owner, they're about the same. It's when you own multiple consoles that the problem arises.


On Xbox:

-Anybody can play any digital game on the primary console.

-Anybody can play any game on the secondary console AS LONG AS YOU'RE LOGGED IN.

-No matter which console you save your data on, every game is saved to the cloud. If you beat level 5 at your friends house on their Xbox, you start off right there when you get home. Seamless. You don't need XBL Gold

-You can save every game you own internally, externally, in any combination you want. 

-If you save to an external HDD, you can carry your entire library with you on one hard drive. As long as you log in, you can play all of your games wherever you go.

-You can play the same purchased game on two different consoles at the same time, even online against each other online as long as one of those consoles is the primary (the owner has to be on the secondary or whatever console).


On PS4:

-Anybody can play any game on the primary console.

-ONLY YOU can play your games on any other console, even if you're logged in.

-ONLY the primary console gets cloud backup. And OMG if you have PlayStation Plus.

-There's a limit to how much data can be saved to the cloud.

-If you, for example beat level 5 on a secondary PlayStation and return to your primary, you still won't have any record of beating that level.

-Cloud data only saves once per day. It saves every time you play on Xbox. And you don't have to manually download your cloud data. It's automatic on Xbox.

-Currently, no external storage though it's coming soon.


I own 3 XBO consoles and 2 PS4s. Going digital is really convenient. I can play wherever I want and not worry about taking a disc from room to room. I have the same games downloaded on each console. Unfortunately, for example, if I play Arkham Asylum in the living room, my save data won't be there when I play in my gameroom.


I also own a Switch and a WiiU as well as other Sony and Nintendo portables. Sony is pretty good with crossbuy etc as M$ is good with backwards compatibility games working on your XB1, with cloud saves and everything! Nintendo? Nope. No point in going digital because your whole library could be lost if your console dies.

Just wondering because I don't know. Can you play share on Xbox?

For example my friend owns SFV, and I don't. He can play share with me even though he lives 10 hours away. That enables both of us to play SFV together in versus mode. Doesn't require any download or purchase or his account on my console/ my account on his console. He could in theory use it to have me play the entire game for him.

Nah. No Shareplay on Xbox. I never tried it until I got RE7. One of my friends requested to play. It was really impressive. They need to advertise that more.

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I like both. You can get great games cheap on a flash sale and not having to swap disks is nice with younger kids in the house. And as someone else said there are instances (for me Overwatch) where I only have to buy the game once and my son and i can play online together with the second PS4. Upgrading drive space isn't that expensive, I have 4 TB on my WiiU and just put a 2 TB drive in my PS4 and it's only half full.

I prefer digital on handheld devices. Less games to carry around, the better.

With consoles, I almost always go physical, unless there's a decent sale to motivate me otherwise.

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Physical. No thx on digital. I hardly ever play play digital games. I guess I just like owning them and not renting.

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Nope, steam rules.

Digital is the superior choice for me, as I have all my games in one place and it saves me on space, money and it's easier for me to carry with me. Also I'm not the type who loves buying games and then suddenly deciding I never ever want to play them anymore (aka trading in).

Digital is also a lot cheaper for me than physical, with only a few instances where the physical is slightly cheaper.


I hate digital. Physical for life. I have purchased games again just to have the disc.

No, but I do prefer physical over digital

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For me DRM-free physical is the best, then DRM-free digital.
Physical with not annoying DRM is acceptable, digital too if it's really cheap.
Annoying DRM definitely sucks both on physical and digital.
This obviously on PC, as consoles are proprietary environments and some form of DRM is needed by platform owners to enforce their royalty system.
Digital is obviously the most viable solution for smartphone and tablet and in general for F2P games, but on portable consoles for paid games I'd choose physical, unless the property and usability of the digital copy is granted even after the platform owner terminates the online support.

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