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What would you choose?

Option 1 48 54.55%
Option 2 40 45.45%

Option 1, Zelda and Pokémon games usually get remakes.

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Option 1, I could be dead in 10 years.

I love my VC and playing retro games, but I wouldn't want to be forced to wait such a long time just to play. Fact is, I'm more often to not play the older game.

2 for me.

Miguel_Zorro said:
There should be an Option 3, where you can play the games on day 1, but your console of choice is using 10 year old technology.

But that would make the whole thing an absolutely easy choice because there wouldn't be a restriction on when you can play games.

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What if I chose option 2 but still did 1 anyways? What would happen?


Option 2. The library is vastly bigger, and a lot of the games that are even 10 years old are still great to play. PS2, Gamecube, Xbox, and Dreamcast gen alone probably would give enough amazing games to eat up a lot of the ten year wait.

SvennoJ said:
Option 1, I could be dead in 10 years.

Yeah, but no Suikoden, no Lunar, no Chrono Trigger or Chrono Cross, no Xenogears, no Xenosaga, no good Sonic games, no Mario Galaxy, 64, World, or 3, no Mega Man, no good Castlevanias, no good Silent Hill (the remastered Silent Hill games are trash), ect, ect, ect....

I'll wait the 5 years from now to play Xenoblade.

Option 2 is clearly superior, because it doesn't prevent you from playing it for more than 10 years, like Option 1 does.
If you can't play them for 10 years, you'll just be 10 years late, but going on a progression of your own, so Uncharted 2 would still wow you like it's 2009 in 2019, 'cause yeah, you can't play anything newer anyway.

Also, LoD is over 10 years old, so yeah, no discussion.

I'd be fine with Option 2, mainly so that I can focus on beating a crapload of older titles I never got around to.