Switch Hype. Is it real? or is it just hope?

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Is the high attach rate of the nintendo switch:

Because NS is a magical machine 98 42.61%
Because Fans really want it to succeed 132 57.39%
zero129 said:
Skeeuk said:

i wont be buying switch after the wii and wiiu im done with nintendo.


the switch will sell well initially as all nintendo fans will rush out and buy one, once dist settles it will be behind the ps4 and x1

Would you buy it if it was called PSVita 2??.

The Switch is the most powerful handheld ever made, merging the best of what Sony was trying to do with the Vita and what Nintendo has been doing with the 3DS. Its like the Dream Portable system.

It is funny when I see Sony fans so down on Switch as it is essentially a Super-Vita in addition to a Wii/3DS successor. It even has a lot of Vita games like Disgea 5, Setsuna, Binding of Isaac, etc. And will probably have Vita devs making games for it as the handheld is now several years old with no signs of a successor. 

But you know, it's Nintendo so some are just inherently not interested. 

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Even if the Switch fails shortly after launch with a big sales drop, there is still possible success with a price drop, bundle or later revision. It's not like the current model and pricing is permanent. Many models have initially had low sales but then other factors came in. Bulk of most console sales are always at a much lower price level often with a model revision. As we can see there are some issues with the current Switch and pricing is a bit excessive to say the least but come Christmas 2018 we may be fighting tooth and nail to beat other customers to buy Switches.

I'm not interested in buying now but reckon I'll be very keen later with a model revision and lower pricing and a wider range of cheaper games available. So am I judging Switch by the release version or what I expect to come later.

Nintendo fans sacrificed themselves and bought lots of Wii U's. And now they are buying lots of games to increase the attach rate of the Switch.

Nintendo fans truly are the best.

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I'll get it eventually. But I'm definitely not paying $300 for it.

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Initial sales will be phenomenal, tons of people want to move on from the 3DS and Wii U. But what happens after 6 months? after 1 year? 2??

I predict that the Wii U will sell a total of 18 million units in its lifetime. 

The NX will be a 900p machine

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Nintendo gained a lot of traction this last year with Pokemon Go and the mini-Nes, I expect some of that enthusiasm to spread over to the Switch, especially initially, when Zelda will likely receive very high review scores. Whether that enthusiasm remains will have to be seen, but I do expect it to do quite well in the beginning. 

SubiyaCryolite said:
Initial sales will be phenomenal, tons of people want to move on from the 3DS and Wii U. But what happens after 6 months? after 1 year? 2??

After 9 months they will explode for sure, this Holidays are gonna be epic, beyond that I can't say, but I would say is looking good.

It's moslty Nintendo fans hoping it'll succeed, but there is indeed a lot of public interest that isn't blind fanboyism.


The Switch will be bought by the Nintendo fans but it remains to be seen how many non Nintendofans will buy it over the course of its life.

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I think at least this year may exceed ps4 sales, even tho it started later in the year. And for the holidays, Im sure the sales will skyrocket (more if they decide to put a game with the console), but yeah, the real question is, is it gonna last?


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