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Which is better?

Resident Evil 4 159 42.29%
The Last of Us 217 57.71%
LipeJJ said:
RE4. It's more gamey.

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Resident Evil 4 for me. It's in my top five all time. It's a masterpiece. The level and boss design, the pacing and atmosphere, the mix of exploration and visceral action, the variety of enemy encounters and set pieces...it's just a near perfect game.

The Last of Us is great too, but it takes a while to get going. The first part of the game is so focused on world building and stage setting it forgets to be a fun game. Starting in Bill's town it really takes off, and then after that there are just a few scripted sequences that interrupt the flow.

Personally, I pick Resident Evil 4 over The Last of Us simply because I find RE4 to be the more enjoyable game of the 2. It was so intense and exciting I had a hard time putting it down.



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Easiest question ever!

The Last of Us is one of my favourite games of all time. Resident Evil 4 is one of my most hated games of all time.

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My experience with resi4. I have tried playing through it atleast 6 times and never finish it. I love 1,2,3 and code veronica so much that I'm just not into resi 4. I have tried on gamecube and ps2 multiple times and I will pick it up again for ps4 soon and give it another wack soo.... in conclusion tlou wins by a landslide. Own it on 3 and 4 and love everything about it.

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RE4 was revolutionary so easy pick.

Re4 for majority of older players who played re4 first,

Why not both?

I Voted TLOU!! Top 5 in my personal best game ever... And I really hate RE4 :)

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Both are great games but I need to give this one to RE4 without thinking. It changed and defined so much about gaming in general. It's fantastic and the gameplay is far better. More strategy for survival and tackling enemies. TLoU has a better story but the RE4 wins in all other categories.

TLOU. RE4 controls haven't aged well compared to TLOU.