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I'm still waiting for 'official' news sources to provide video of this:

View on YouTube

View on YouTube


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I don't know, I couldn't tell at all what was going on from the footage.

Woo hoo, we're starting to become famous. Thanks Trump! 😘😘😘

Trump is so cool...

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Let's wait a few days, we'll find out that Trump was so angry after the "but nothing happened in Sweden" buzz that he asked a few CIA agents to start something there.

He's always right. If he isn't, it's just that he isn't yet :D

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Can't say anything until we have a more detailed explanation of what occurred.

Nonetheless, it's always a shame to see riots appear

A few news sources:




Thanks Trump.

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Wait, so Trump said it was happening when it wasn't and now it is?

BraLoD said:
Wait, so Trump said it was happening when it wasn't and now it is?

We felt kinda bad for him being wrong all the time so we did this as a present.