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I love workout games, I hope they make it. also, now that everyone has move controlers again, why not some cool workout games for PS4 as well? Come onnnnn

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Einsam_Delphin said:
Nah, that fad has passed, surely Nintendo knows this. We probably won't see stuff like Brain Training or Nintendogs either.

They will come. They are cheap enough to make, and they still sell well. Wasn't Nintendogs+cats one of the best selling 3DS for a long time?

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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fitness apps are massive on mobile, I'm so surprised they have not done nintendo fit for iPhone/apple watch/apple tv or android equivalent. do a monthly subscription fee make a new balance board that is more advanced and streamlined $$$$$ They also need to do brain train and nintendo cats and dogs on mobile

Switch 90x....

Switch Intense....

seriously if they will push it another fitness... tie it with the current fad :P


Don't see why not.

Have a new board or maybe even use old one as well. But beyond the typical "home" experience of Wii Fit, you could have it to go.

YOu have your switch to prop up on its stand to do your workouts in the hotel room. You have the switch in your purse/bag to take out and input your daily food intake when at a restaurant. Ect.

Wii Fit is not tied ot the WIi branding, its tied to the fitness marketting, which is still a big thing. Make one able to sync their fitness band to the switch game and you will have a very inticing game, or app is probably better description.

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maybe when they debut that quality of life stuff they've been wokring on

I say most certainly yes.

I think we'll get a new Switch fit board as well - with advanced haptic feedback

I predict NX launches in 2017 - not 2016

If 1 2 Switch does well, I wouldn't be surprised if it happens, but I wouldn't really be interested anyways :/

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I thought it was already announced?

This thing is useless thought, with wearables costing as little as 10eur and connecting with smartphones, those have taken the fitness market.

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The switch is for a different audience just like the Wii U was. People forget that the wii was a fad that a attracted nongamers. Wii fit won't do so well on the switch.