Are you getting Skyrim for Switch?

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Are you buying Skyrim for Switch?

Yes 185 32.57%
Maybe 133 23.42%
No 250 44.01%

No. I'll get it on PS4 where it'll be cheaper, and look/run better.

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Not if they don't add something new to the game like motion controls and hd rumble. I have the enhanced version on pc already.

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Yeah I'll buy it if it's a decent version.

I was going to, but then I thought about the fact that I have assess to Skyrim special edition on my pc, which has a 980 ti gtx graphics card, for free, so why bother? Besides, now I can spend the money I would have spent on that game on another game that I wasn't planning on buying. Yes yes, I know this will hurt the 3rd party sales for Nintendo devices in the future from Bethesda, but to be honest, I'm not sure there will ever be a time I want to play a Bethesda game on console vs. pc. Their games are insanely powerful and can only be truly appreciated on the best hardware, whereas most games don't need a higher end graphics card.

No, I don't play Bethesda games with limited modding.

Also I already have the best Skyrim-version and got the Special-Edition-upgrade for free on Steam.

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I've never played or wanted to play it. However, two things may have swayed me: playable female and third person camera.

If this is true and I can make a sexy avatar, count me in.

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last time i bought it was ps3 and it sucked so hard, so by now SURELY all the bugs will be gone. SO i will give it a crack



Skyrim is an excellent game but it is also an old game which was released for the PC, PS3 and XBox360 in late 2011.

For the Switch, it appears you will be paying top price when even the re-release with all DLC  for the PS4 and XBox1 will be so much cheaper. In Australia, the basic game (no release date yet) for the Switch is $99.95 AUD at EB Games ($76.60 USD).

If you are willing to look around you can easily find Skyrim with all DLC for the PS4 and XBox1 at less than $35 AUD either by digital download (close to 30GB) or on Bluray disk (takes about 30 minutes to install) which can be new or second hand which is cheaper still.

Very interesting reasons people are giving for their decisions and a pattern is developing.

Pros for buying Skyrim for Switch are:

#1 Portability.

#2 Supporting third party on a Nintendo system.

#3 Newer version has less bugs and is more stable.

#4 Really like the game.

Cons for buying Skyrim for Switch are:

#1 Better version is available on other systems.

#2 No mod support on Switch.

#3 Too expensive compared to other versions.

#4 Really hate the game.

Looking at the poll it appears that Skyrim for Switch will sell through to about 30% of the Switch's install base in the first year, with another 20% possibly getting the game if nothing else grabs their attention. So it won't be a huge seller, but should do alright. Do you think Bethesda will be satisfied with these numbers?


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Already played it on 2011...so no.