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Mystro-Sama said:
Valdath said:
I'm loving the game, it's right there with Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne tbh.

Good job Team Ninja and Koei.

Whats the difficulty like? I'm hearing its super hard.

Harder than Soulsborne.

The usual enemies are kind easy to defeat, but even if two of them gang up on it things get dangerous, a single 2 hit combo (which you won't be able to evade if you take the first hit anyway) from a standard axe wielding human can kill you at full life, at the beginning of the game.
The revenants, which are fallen players that you can summon, can also be pretty challenging.
The standard Yokais are also very dangerous, usually slow, but strong (there is exceptions).
And the bosses are pretty damn hard, some insanely hard (though I only fought 4 up until now, and 2 were on the demo).

I can't believe I saw some reviewrs saying it's not as hard as Dark Souls, those guys probably didn't play it at all, I kill most of the Soulsborne bosses at my first try, and the few bosses I faced on Nioh have to be fully pattern broke down to be beaten, though on Nioh you can have some great help while facing them, that's activating your guardian spirit, that makes you invencible while its active, so the fights can be exploited.

The overall difficulty of the game is high, but there is also a lot more into the combat than there is on Soulsborne, so fighting skill, not only evade and timing skill like on Soulsborne, are a big part of it, and being good helps a lot (being bad is also more of a trouble, lol).

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I like that the game went through three finished builds before they decided on one the fans liked.

Great news! Hope that the good partnership between Sony and Koei Tecmo will continue in the future! :)

Good to hear and congrats to them! The last Team Ninja game I played was Metroid: Other M, so it's great to see that one of their games is so well-received and commercially successful after that previous debacle. They're obviously very talented.

I've seen many users on here recommend the game, so I'm excited to pick it up soon.

It'll be awhile before I figure out how to do one of these. :P 

I always liked that about Koei. They don't give a damn about what reviewers say, and follow what their fans want. Which is probably why they're the only company who's seen a YOY % increase in profits straight for the pass 6 years. unlike other game companies that spend 50+million to make a game :P, then are shocked they don't make their money back.

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estebxx said:
Kerotan said:
A really successful exclusive partnership. Happy for Sony and Koei!

Im honestly expecting this game to release on PC later, especially considering it doesnt have the "Only on Playstation" logo as other exclusives, i know Sony published it but.... didnt Microsoft also published the last Tomb Raider game only for it to be released later on PC and PS4?.

Im almost 100% sure it will come to PC later and considering its success i can also see it being released on the other 2 consoles as well.

Considering the success i dont see a reason for it to be released on other platforms.

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Awesome now make Ninja Gaiden 4 for PS4 and Switch with that Ni-Oh money. Make it more like NGII.

"invaluable help of Sony......"
"As a result.....and reach out to a brand new audience that hadnít played our games in the past."

Koei Tecmo be like "thanks sony, you helped us make bank"

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Mystro-Sama said:
Valdath said:
I'm loving the game, it's right there with Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne tbh.

Good job Team Ninja and Koei.

Whats the difficulty like? I'm hearing its super hard.

It's around the same as Bloodborne, it starts hard but it didn't took me long to adapt, light armor for extra i-frames worked best for me, but it doesn't leave you much room for error.