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naruball said:
Locknuts said:

I think Baldwin's Trump is funny, but there are opportunities to make fun of the other side like the fake media etc and SNL don't even bother.

It's like they're biased or something....

I love it when people repeat word for word what Trump says.

And I love how up until recently, most people didn΄t talk about "fake media" despite FOXNEWS being easily the most watched "news" program.

I didn't realise I had just quoted Trump 'word for word' but if I have then he's right.

All I'm saying is that there are opportunities for humour on both sides and SNL avoid it if it means making fun of liberals. They did it right through the campaign so it's not just because Trump won.

Wyrdness said:

Because race is a product of evolutionary adaption it has no bearing on culture in any means, people have different skin tones because the body adjusts to the intensity of the Sun and environment. The colour of a person's skin doesn't determine their culture it's what the person is taught and what they learn that does that, this is why your whole argument crashes the other factors were listed in the post's examples again if you didn't read the post it's not my problem, race has never created culture.

Yes race really doesn't have an affect on culture by ANY means, not especially in education if we take a look at how the sub-saharan countries are performing ... /sarcasm 

LurkerJ said:

You are really being a dumb person for reading too much into IQ scores. High IQ means jackshit. No one is rewarded for having a high IQ score, people are rewarded for their persistence, their ability to sit down for hours to read and recite information they are gonna be tested on, their willingness to tackle problems until they're solved regardless of their IQ score.

Modern civilization rewards persistence, determination, ability to work within a team, leadership more than it rewards intelligence. The education system, the standardized tests, colleges, more often than not, test your patience in following arbitrary rules. Some highly intelligent individuals achieve nothing and let others with lower intelligence to pass them by and lead the way. Why? Becuase isolating intelligence from the rest of the other metrics, and using it as the sole indicator of someone's superiority is pretty dumb.

Not to mention, Blacks have bigger penises, hence, they are superior in the eyes of a horny woman. In other words, no race wins all aspects, so you can't possibly have a winner under different circumstances. In the bedroom, bigger penises win. 

There are many arguements which you can use to argue over the superiority of one race over the others, yet, you chose a dumb one to parade. Have fun belonging to a race that is more intelligent on average. In case you need a reminder on what "on average" means; it means a member from the "inferior races" can still have higher IQ than yours, it goes nicer with his bigger penis as well

Did I hit a nerve ? 

And contrary to what you say you are rewarded for having a high IQ. It's a gift from none other than the genetic lottery itself. What if I told that the ability to acquiring and learning information was tied to a score ? After all you can't just ignore overcoming that wall ... 

@Bold Oh really ? Then why have other mammals failed to build modern civilizations comparable to ours ? 

Funny what you mention about genitallia conceptions when it's found to be not supported by scientific evidence. I'm not trying to say that one race has a definitive advantage in all aspects and you're right at least about that ... 

You think it's dumb but many studies show a strong correlation to the affect that it has on life ... 

fatslob-:O said:

Yes race really doesn't have an affect on culture by ANY means, not especially in education if we take a look at how the sub-saharan countries are performing ... /sarcasm 

Funny you still try to peddle this notion when it was debunked not to mention your reply failed on all angles in disproving any reply to yourself, instead you continue to repeat your notion on race the colour of someone's skin defining culture over all other factors people have mentioned when it never did and you've not provided a single coherant logical argument. many people from these conutries are enticed over to western countries where their talent utilized to progress the west as evident from how a large amount of progressions in the west have come from people hailing from outside of it want an example the's a film highlighting how the calculations from 3 black women are what allowed NASA to reach the moon or even how Edison exploited the intelligence of Tesla a man originally of East European background.

This is one of those strawman arguments and one that backs what I said earlier about you either being ignorant, racist or both. I wouldn't knock sub-saharan countries whether Middle East, South American or African if I were you considering they had empires long before the west and are where all the resources that western civilization rely on to function.

So despite urging everyone to drop the race vs intelligence debate, it has continued to persist. The thread has clearly ran its course from its original purpose so this thread will be locked.