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What the f*** just happened? This was crazy.
The guys got debunked in false statements, ranted with the press the whole time and contradicted himself multiple times.


By the end he begs for a easy questions (great sign for a democracy by the way, only valid press is the easy one), actually gets it, is completely unable to actually answer and rants more with the friendly reporter.

Goddamn, i never expected him to be reasonable, but the level of crazy went through the roof.

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As much as I dislike Trump, and even as the train wreck that he is, at least I can say that he is entertaining to listen to. I assume that's how he got elected in the first place.


This is so damn embarrassing.

trump is the man. he is spot on when he calls out the fake media.

.....Hmmmm I give it another month till he's impeach. From friends of the world, US citizens don't support this man. I don't even call him a president.

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Whether you agree with him or not, I like the fact that he doesn't take shit from anyone.

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most people don't have 1/8 the courage and brains Trump has. hes called out alot of evil things going on in the world

craighopkins said:
most people don't have 1/8 the courage and brains Trump has. hes called out alot of evil things going on in the world

While continuing the bombing campaigns that kill many innocent people.


Moving this thread to politics.

He's not a dumb man. He shits on a gold toilet while I work at a nuclear power plant. He married a model and he has multiple assets that I couldn't even dream of owning. I don't have the motivation or the courage to attempt many of the things Trump has already accomplished but damn. I'm not the President.

Strictly as an observer, I think he really needs to get his shit together. There are a lot of great Presidents before him. They carried themselves the way a president should, even if I disagreed with them. Trump needs to respect the position he's in and try to live up to the title. Now.

The election is over. Hilary is a non issue. Popular vote is a non issue. I'm legitimately worried about the future and it's not because of fear mongering. I see the man. I hear his words. I believe our President is in over his head.

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