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Which one?

PS4 Pro 377 46.14%
Nintendo Switch 346 42.35%
See results 94 11.51%
Which one you should get? The one you actually want based on a proper decision you think about long and hard.

So as of right now, neither.

A year after, and everyone hating on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is still sensationally wrong.

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You still haven't made up your mind? XD. It's easy. If you have PS4 right now, I don't see the appeal on buying a Pro before Switch. You'll get the same games than PS4 but vitaminated. Not sure if that's worth it. Now, if you don't have a PS4 is tricky. Do you value portability and Ninty exclusives? Do you prefer getting more third party games and more power? It's your call. It depends on your priorities.

switch and keep your ps4.....


If you think the Pro is the better choice, then go for it.

How about both? Pro now, Switch later.

4 ≈ One

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Depends on whether or not you think Zelda is the best franchise ever made and if you already have a PS4. If so go for a Switch otherwise go pro.

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar

If you already have a PS4 why would you buy what's essentially is just a PS4 over an entire new console with it's own exclusive/different library of games giving you more games to choose from and play.

Platina said:

You should get the Switch no matter what


I'm seeing a trend here.

Are we talking "ever" or "now and then later".

It sounds like you don't want the switch now, but you may later.
So if you can do both - do the pro now, and the switch later.

Pro is not worth the money if you already have a PS4. But, if you don't, I'd go for it over the Switch.