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Which one?

PS4 Pro 377 46.14%
Nintendo Switch 346 42.35%
See results 94 11.51%
bonzobanana said:
d21lewis said:

As a Vita owner who uses Remote play and still buys Vita games, do not consider this option. The Vita lacks too many buttons and using the touch screen as buttons is a horrible compromise. Some games are unplayable. Games look INCREDIBLE on the small screen but the cons are too much (lag, worse analog sticks, running two consoles just to play one game, etc.)


With that said, unless you're a hardcore Nintendo fan (like me) wait on buying that Switch. Not enough content at launch.

I would say the opposite, do not consider your opinion. However that said I agree about the buttons but I tend to play many games which don't have button problems but clearly there are less on the Vita and sometimes it does cause problems or makes games annoying to control. I'd say the majority are fine though. Are any games unplayable? That seems unfair because you do adapt to using either the front or rear touch pad but it depends on the game.  Some games are better set up for remote play and some even have a Vita friendly setup option. The lag can actually be very low and un-noticable. I've just played super stardust ultra with zero problems. My ps4 is connected via ethernet cable and my router is modern using the fastest wifi speeds to the Vita that it will handle. I am only using the Vita around the house. Analogue sticks are fine. Who cares if it's using two consoles, surely that's the whole point. The main tv is tied up doing something else so what does it matter if the ps4 is being utilised by the Vita for remote play. I don't get that point at all. 

Considering you can play your entire ps4 library on Vita with admittedly some issues with controls for some games, plus the Vita library and a whole load of apps for web browsing, media playback, email etc the versatility and range of games you can play on it is pretty amazing. It will be a long time if ever before the Switch can even approach this level of functionality and range of games.

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I plan on getting both, but there isn't much point in getting the Switch right away. The only launch game worth it is Breath of the Wild and, for some reason, Nintendo decided to release it for the WiiU as well. That's great for WiiU owners, but gives little incentive to buy a Switch at launch.

I'm almost willing to wait for the holidays so I can also pick up Mario Odyssey as well.

NATO said:
Stop being cheap and get both, you will be a "real gamer"(tm)

But I thought real gamers only played on pc :thinking:

Buy à pro now and à Switch in décembre 2017/2018 when itll become interesting beczuse now it has only One interested game

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