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Dragon Quest 8 (3DS): Solid yes. I'm not a fan of the combat, but the characters and story more than make up for it. Only other DQ I played before this was 9, and I'm glad I didn't judge the series by that game. I realize now just how much I love world maps in JRPGs.

Ace Attorney: Justice for All: If you're into visual novels, give it a shot. The cases are usually interesting, but not always well written. If you don't like reading, stay away.

Resident Evil 6 - You could play this game...or eat an entire bag of nails. The experience is about the same.

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1 - Valkyrie Profile : Covenent of the plume (DS) : Definetely would recommend to anyone who skipped during the DS era, had to buy it when I found it in a store, when I stupidely sold it younger.

2 - Shin Megami Tensei : Devil Survivor (DS) Overclocked (3DS) : another fun TRPG, with lots of alternate endings, I can't resist playing it over and over to see all scenarios. Have yet to play the second one.

3 - Fire Emblem Heroes : another Nintendo game on smartphone I played everyday when it launched and that I already start getting tired of. Not that it's bad, but it's really not a platform I enjoy or feel secure playing when it's easy to get your phone stolen outside. And why would you play on mobile when you're at home and have plenty of other games to finish.

[PC] Dirt Rally - Only if you like racing games and/or have a steering wheel.
[PS4] Resident evil 7 - No, it's shit
[PC] Ragnarok Online (original one) - Erm, maybe, it's showing it's age pretty badly now though

1. Yakuza 0. Yes, highly packed detailed setting with lots of things to do, lots of thugs to beat up and a bunch of hilarious side quests. Enjoying it a lot.

2. Ni-oh. Just started this one but it's quite fun so far, battle system seems to have depth to it and combat feels fluid and fun. It hit the right notes for me so far.

3. Mega Man X4. My favourite Mega Man X besides the first one, looks great and the ability to play as Zero for the whole game is a great feature. A bit on the tough side but the game is not too long.

All on PS4:

1. Final Fantasy XV
2. World of Final Fantasy
3. Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

...and hell yes to all three!!!!

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Recently I've been going back to play games from previous generations that I haven't played before, and currently I'm playing games on the SNES:

1. Super Metroid - Yes, definitely. The game is pretty much as good as everyone has always said it was. Some of the controls take a while to figure out, but other than that, I have nothing but good things to say about it.
2. Actraiser - A bit of a forgotten gem on the SNES. It combines elements from sidescrolling action games, god-games and citybuilding, and somehow makes it work very well. And yes, you should play it.
3. Super Castlevania IV - The game I'm currently playing. This was before Symphony of the Night turned the series more towards the exploration and partially coined the term Metroidvania. It's a much more straightforward affair, but no less enjoyable for it. So yes, I do recommend this one as well.

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1. Gravity Rush 2: couldn't recommmend this game enough

2. Overwatch: it won GOTY for a reason

3. TLOU remaster: still haven't finished it but I'm sure it has already been recommended enough

Mike321 said:
1. Gravity Rush 2: couldn't recommmend this game enough

2. Overwatch: it won GOTY for a reason

3. TLOU remaster: still haven't finished it but I'm sure it has already been recommended enough

So you aren't recommending TLOU? Well, think we found a reason to ban you.

1) Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete (PS1)- I just picked this game up from an E-Bay auction since I already have Luna : Silver Story Complete and wanted to complete my collection. 10 hours into it and it is an amazing game. Almost as good as Silver Story but with slightly less memorable characters. I love the Lunar games and would highly recommend this game if you are into old school turn-based JRPG's.

2) Letter Quest (PS4 version): This is a very fun and addictive game. Every time I play it I end out spending at least a couple of hours on it. An enhanced vocabulary would be very helpful and can make the game more entertaining so that you are not re-using the same words over and over again.

3) Counter-Strike: Source: One of my all time favorite games, hence why I am still playing it 13 years after it's release. I highly recommend it. This is still the best FPS game out there for skill, strategy, and all around fun. Of all iterations of Counter-Strike, Source has the most accurate hit-boxes, movement, and hit registry over the net. With the rest of the order being CS 1.6, CS: Go, and then sad red-headed stepchild known as Counter-Strike Condition Zero.

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Bravely Second(3DS)- Really Good. I had a lot of fun playing and breaking the mechanics of this one. The music is not good as the 1st but still pretty good. The game mostly picks up after chapter 4. Then it turns into a roller coaster. The characters and story are all pretty good to get you through the games. I would argue the characters are what make the story work. Recommended if you like JRPGS. Plying the 1st game is not needed but it enhances the game.

Fire Emblem Fates(3DS) - I played birthright,conquest and revelation back to back so I definitely felt some fatigue in the end. However it was a joyful experience. This game definitely gives you a good bang for your buck. Each game has its weaknesses and strengths. However they are all fun to play. Recommended if you like Fire Emblem games. If you never played one then thi will be a decent place to start. However I think Awakening is better for a 1st Fire Emblem game.

What did I play before Fire Emblem? That game took forever to beat. I think it was Pokemon Moon

Pokemon Moon (3DS) - Fun game. It is the freshest pokemon game I played since Gold/Silver. It went too heavy on nostalgia as the game pretended nothing but kanto exists. The game also had a charming story and decent gameplay. Recommended if your a pokemon fan. If you want this to be your first it wouldn't hurt you and you will have fun.

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