Tell us your last three games played and would you recommend them?

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RE7 in VR: Recomend if you like to be scared shitless.
Guns UP: Recomend if you like little silly war games
Rush of Blood VR: Recomend it cause it is good

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FIFA 17: What can I say, it's a guilty pleasure and almost shameful to admit that I like it, but I really do. Recommended for football fans but probably completely uninteresting for anyone else.

The Last of Us remastered: Quite simply one of the best I ever played, from story and visuals to the haunting music and down through the addicting yet fairly simple gameplay and what has to be among the best voice acting performances ever put to audio.

Eador: Masters of the Broken World: Do you like Age of Wonders, Heroes of Might & Magic (before they flipped the name and made it shit) and King's Bounty? Then you need this game in your life. Combat is immensely satisfying, city building is time consuming but rewarding and the economy and magic system is really well balanced. My main gripe is the heavily overpowered Warrior class that can in essence become immortal if you find the right gear.

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The Witcher III - One of the best games I've ever played in my 30 years of gaming. Sad to hear that it's the last game of the series. I'd love a chance to play the previous games as I've never played the series before III. Highly recommend

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End - What a way to end a series! This Uncharted is far more story-driven than action-driven. The fights are fewer and far more intense than previous Uncharteds but the story and graphics are some of the best you'll find in gaming to date. Sad to see Drake go but happy to watch him leave. Highly recommend!

Super Mega Baseball - Quite possibly the best Indy game out there as far as the Indy push goes. Great fun and well-rounded. The cartoony art direction may not suit every baseball fan (especially if you love to look of MLB: The Show) but it lends the game its identity. Recommend


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I haven't played anything in a while (because of reasons), but the last three were on PC:

  • Euro Truck Simulator 2_ It's an special game that's not for every user, after all, all you do is driving a truck from place A to place B. It's slow and a bit tedious but, somehow, I got caught in it. I highly advise to try the demo before.
  • Fallout: New Vegas_ I haven't played enough to say anything about it
  • Cities: Skylines_ Simply put, if you like city building games you have to get this game. End of the story. Yes, the DLCs are annoying, but even the base game (that's what I have) is good and filled with content. I highly recommend it to city builder fans and also to those who want to try this genre.

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Uncharted 4 - Pretty great.

Xenoblade Chronicles X - Really great.

Gears of war 4 - Freaking awesome but the campaign was too short.

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Lets see..
- Rainbow Six Siege - good and somewhat fresh experience, but not for everybody
Titfall2 - very good game for all fps fans, wish the game best luck
Shantae: half Genie hero - got it by accident, very good gameplay, demandind game. The soundtrack alone is worth it.

Rise of the Tomb Raider PS4 good game but not as good as the reboot in my opinion. I do recommend it though 

Street Fighter 5 PS4 Casuals would get eaten alive in this game. Do not recommend unless you love being salty.

Bound By Flame PS4 only a few hours in but I am loving this game. Might be an underrated gem. Great soundtrack as well. Definitely Recommend 

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Alone with You (PC) - a bold take on adventure/dating simulation that's on the easy side 

Verdict: Rent don't buy 


The World is not Enough (N64) - Eurocom's follow-up to Rare's seminal shooter is fun but inconsistent

Verdict: Rent don't buy


Resident Evil 7 (XOne) - a triumphant return to survival horror for this evergreen series, full of surprises

Verdict: Buy

The Witcher 3
Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

I highly recommend first two. The third was pretty good too and at $20, it's worth the asking price.

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Witcher 3 - I'm sure you've heard enough of this game. I platinumed it. 'Nuff said!

Dragon Quest Heroes - So very close to the plat for this. Mussou that feels more like an action RPG, only truly challenging stuff is near the end of the game and post game. (Four extra bosses appear, all recommended you be max level to tackle them, and two of them will still probably beat your ass raw.) I reccomend it, but just be aware that the plat looks deceptively easy - the last two hurtles have definitely stopped some from doing it.

Ninja Senki DX - I think this was a free PS+ game. Never heard of it, needed a break from DQH, so tried this out. Very glad I did, Ninja Senki perfectly captures the NES look, sound & feel, but without flicker, enemies respawning due to screen scrolling, etc. The difficulty ramps up super early, so this is recommended as long as you can bring your hardcore NES gamer attitude. Looks like 99% of PS players haven't beat it once yet...