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Yakuza 0: Yes
Pokemon Sun and Moon: Yes
Dead Rising 4: Meh........ Disappointing compared to previous Dead Rising games, but it's still fun mindlessly mowing over zombies. A solid 7.5ish game for some dumb fun, basically the Saints Row of Zombie games, so I would say yes.

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I pretty much play this on a daily basis, it's one of the most addictive games I've played in a long time, great team based FPS, although the community can be rather toxic at times, but if you ignore that it's great, there's a lovely bunch of heroes to pick from, each with their own different playstyles...

Would I recommend it? Yes.


Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

If you're a Digimon fan and wanted a great (And rather lengthy all things conisdered) RPG where you could digivolve Digimon to your heart's content, and play through a really great story too... well, why haven't you bought this game yet? Shame on you!

Would I recommend it? Yes.


The Witcher: Enhanced Edition

I'm still playing through this, I'm wanting to finish the first two games before playing the third (Got the Game of the Year edition for cheap on PS4), and so far I'm having mixed feelings about it... the story is interesting, and dice poker has kept me entertained for quite some time, it's a great minigame lol, but the gameplay otherwise is rather bland, maybe because it's being played with a mouse, so the combat feels like it has no weight to it, just clicking in patterns to attack... 

Would I recommend it? Maybe. If you don't mind the boring gameplay but enjoy a good story, then yes I'd say go for it, but if you're here for the gameplay too, you're gonna' have a bad time, so I'd probably stay clear and watch a recap video on YouTube or something.

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Not counting a few little things I played for less than an hour, here are the last few major games I played

1. Gravity Rush 2 (PS4) Recommend? YES

I liked the first Gravity Rush perhaps a little more than would be considered rational or fair, but regardless of flaws the game had a sweeping soundtrack, breathtaking art direction, and a really likable protagonist. I just happened to also enjoy the divisive gameplay and controls as well, and I consider the sequel to be superb. Highly recommended for fans of superhero games looking for something a little more alternate and off the beaten path. In a fashion similar to Spiderman 2 back in the day, it reinvents the way you traverse the world through its hero's power, which to me makes it very special. It's also just a super feel good, colorful game, and didn't deserve to bomb like it's clearly doing right now.

2. Final Fantasy 15 (PS4, Platinum) Recommend? Depends...

Great, but not the tent poll masterpiece I had in my head watching the trailers over and over before release. The ingredients are all there, strong characters, an incredible world, killer music, satisfying combat, and even a great gameplay loop (perhaps a first for the series?), but it doesn't come together in just the right way thanks to hobbled direction and poor storytelling and pacing. You're always confused as to what's driving your characters through each little wing of the story, and at the credits I just couldn't help feeling a strong sense of wasted potential. Still enjoyed my time with it, and found the gameplay itself far more enjoyable than just about any other Final Fantasy I can think of.

3. Life is Strange (PS4, Platinum) Recommend? YES

Life is Strange has a lot going for it thanks to its engaging characters, setting, and writing. My GF and I were well connected to the conflicts and emotional waves in each chapter, and while it didn't quite stick the landing at the very end, it managed to impress us in a lot of ways. This is a great game to share with another person, and a mark of high quality on the PS4's (and Xbox One's) library.

Let's see...

Currently playing: Dragon Quest IX - this is my second time playing it so if you are a (J)RPG fan, I definitely would recommend giving this game a try. Really fun, and despite being go to new town, beat dungeon and repeat, the story isn't bad

2) Splatoon - If you own a Wii U, definitely give this game a try. I'm not a shooter fan but I have exceptions and this is one of them

3) Fire Emblem Conquest - I'm not done this game yet, but so far so good. FE and RPG fans should give this one a try, but may not be for everyone

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Bandorr said:

Current: Tales of Berseria.
1)Fate Stay night/Extra/Extella. Combat is fun, characters are nice and different.
2)Final Fantasy 15.
3)World of Final Fantasy.

Yes to all 4. As of now Tales of Berseria is runner up to game of the year (behind Persona 5).
World of FF is game of the year last year. FF15 is the runner up to last year.

I've watched quite a bit of livestreams of FF15, so I'm going to have to pick it up sometime this year. Same with Tales of Berseria, although it'd be my first Tales game. 

malistix1985 said:
Last 3 games I Completed

Recore (PC) - very fresh platforming puzzles, some of the best in recent history with an enjoyable story, recommend

The Dwarves (PC) - Hard little game, very niche but the story was great but its certainly not for everyone, its a narrated story about a dwarf going on a grand quest I would recommend people to look into the game and judge for themselves if they are interested.

DragonBall Xenoverse 2 (PS4) - So I won this game and it was "allright" but I also played the first one and this was almost like a GOTY edition with some extra stuff but in the end was way to simulair and the gameplay got very very repetative, not recommended

I was pumped for Recore, but after the mediocre reviews, it kind of fizzled for me. Glad to hear you enjoyed it! 

Jpcc86 said:

I do recommend the actual last 3 games i completed (one of which im still playing...):

Axiom Verge
Super Meat Boy

All indies. None new. I never played them when they came out, got them on sale last month for ps4. All great. I seriously never thought Guacamelee would be that much fun.

Highly agree with all three. HUGE surprises! Axiom Verge in particular, struck all the right chords for me.  

It'll be awhile before I figure out how to do one of these. :P 

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Damn, I'd love to reply to everyone, but it may not be possible. lol Nevertheless, I'm seriously enjoying reading all these! Thanks for the replies, all.

It'll be awhile before I figure out how to do one of these. :P 

1. Battlefield 1: I find the story mode lacking in a lot of ways but its most fun I've had with the online multiplayer for a FPS. I recommend if you are into that.

2. Perfect Dark Zero: Replaying after almost a decade away. I loved it when I was younger but it hasn't aged too well, especially the camera and melee. I still like it and would recommend it because it can be really fun when things are chaotic.

3. Stellaris: I have pumped so many hours into this game since I got it. Go out and buy it if you are into games like Civ.

1. Loading Human: Chapter 1 (PSVR) Recommend: No
It's not too bad as adventure games go, the control scheme is very bad.

2. RE7 (PSVR) Recommend: Yes Yes Yes
I spend over 52 hours all in VR with RE7 and the DLC. Best gaming experience since original Half-Life
(disclaimer: Ethan must die does not support vr, I could not play it for more than 5 minutes)

3. The Talos principle Recommend: Yes!
Great puzzle game with some philosophical babble in between. Dunno if it was trying to convert me to religion or proof everything is pointless, it makes you think anyway.

  • Super Mario Sunshine (Gamecube)
  • Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Mega Drive)

HIghly recommend all three.

Gameplay > Graphics

Substance > Style

Art Direction > Realism

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Currently playing For Honor. Imo, Ubisoft hit the nail with this one. I'm addicted. It's amazing.
Just beat Watch_Dogs 2. DEFINITELY recommend. It's seriously so good
Dragon Quest 8. It's a great old school RPG that I recommend more than 7 tbh. I think it's a lot of fun, especially as a fan of turn based.

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