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See the gif in looping listening this



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Lol pretty cool

pokoko said:
I bet that's awesome the first time!

And then annoying each and every time afterwards.

I might be in the small minority but does anyone else give a small sigh when you have to situationally change equipment in games? Reminds of instances in Skyrim where I had to put on my Helm Of Waterbreathing or Ring Of Pickpocketing. My solution? Mods that give me more accessory slots. I'm never without my Belly Button Ring Of Thievery or my Earrings Of Dolphin.

In Skyrim, I mean. I doubt Zelda will have mods.

Yawell... Skyrim isnt a good game anyway.

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The tennis season has just begun !

Expected, though instant death o.O

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I have done a lot of mountain climbing and have been at high altitudes inside thunder storms. It's no joke. Get away from your metal backpack frame and walking stick, get on top of your sleeping pad for insulation, and pray you dont get a strike. It's a life or death situation. All the hair on your body is standing straight up from the electricity in the air.


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Nice job Nintendo. First Skyward sword made my toddler afraid of plants, after this he won't want to go outside at all anymore!

And to those saying nice attention to detail:

Living in New Mexico and being a mountain biker I find myself discussing which frame material would be most likely to be struck by lightning: steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, or titanium. I believe the Ti bike would be likely to get zapped first since titanium is an excellent conductor. Am I being selfless by riding a Ti frame so that I can save my buddies on their aluminium rigs from being shocked, or should I buy a carbon fiber frame to save my own butt?

The question about the bikes reflects a widely believed myth, namely that metal, being a good conductor of electricity, attracts lightning. But it doesn't; the chances of an object's being struck have practically nothing to do with what it's made out of. "The three factors that dominate where lightning strikes near a thunderstorm are height, isolation, and shape – a tall pointy object alone in a large open area is the most likely point to get struck by lightning." So the bad idea is being out on a mountain ridge in a thunderstorm at all; it really doesn't matter what kind of bike you're sitting on. If you're determined to take the hit for your biking buddies, Darth, forget about your frame and invest in a tall, pointy helmet.

Lightning should have struck the pillar he just ran by!

Thats awesome, also that game over screen reminds me of the ones in the souls games.

Pretty cool, kind of regret seeing it now though xD. Would of been cool experiencing it for the first time and being like, wtf just happened?