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Starts around 2:57:57
Haven't seen this anywhere yet. Motion controlled hadoukens and uppercuts, 3 modes, looks interesting.

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I saw it a few hours ago, it looks interesting but it doesn't seem full fledged just yet

response is shit, enemies barely react. I had hope would be at least decent in some way.

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That functionality is giving the Wii a run for its money.

Yeah, that doesn't look very good...

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Looks terrible. Hopefully they didn't put too many resources into it.


Tenkaichi 2 for Wii had motion controls and they weren't bad.

Looking at this, it looks more like an on rails/arcade thing than the actual game. Like a "here we're going to have a bunch of cardboard enemies pop up and you either shoot or punch them down."

Well I was kind of interested in this mode, but not after seeing this.


Interesting idea as a concept, though doesn't look that fun :/

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