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I know u joking, but the only time I have no issue with DLC, is if you get a complete game and you don't need the DLC. DLC should be extras that you can go without.



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Having to pay over 100$ for a complete experience (Game + DLC + all Amiibo DLC) is not a good thing. It is a pure rip-off. All the content should be part of the main game as it was in all the years before.

etking said:

Having to pay over 100$ for a complete experience (Game + DLC + all Amiibo DLC) is not a good thing. It is a pure rip-off.

What do you need amibo's for?

They all do pointless things. Don't they just spawn like rupees or hearts or something?

The only one that does anything more than that is teh wolf link one, which spawn a wolf sidekick, but personally I find that annoying in a zelda game. Link doesn't have no wolf running around killing with him. What is he a stark?

That DLC can bring with it controversy is commonly accepted these days, as I'm sure you know. But I'll point it out anyway.
That said, I think often times people can get upset for the wrong reasons. As soon as people hear DLC, they get furious and start shitposting. Until they find out that it's free DLC, in which case they go quiet until the next opportunity to complain for no legitimate reason presents itself.
That's not to say there aren't times where it's appropriate to complain about DLC. It varies.

irstupid said:
Wright said:

Fire Emblem DLC's and Amiibo locked content are almost death-inducing, so I doubt this point really has much substance. xD

1.) I've yet to see any amiibo content that was wroth anything. Amiibo's are just collectables, imo.

2.) Fire Emblem DLC is purely garbage or pay to win. The DLC for fire emblem adds nothing ot the game and there is zero incentive to purchase, unless you want to make the game boring by playing the gold/xp missions to makek your team OP.

1.) You need to scan amiibo in order to unlock fan favorites like Marth or Lucina in Fire Emblem Fates.
Which when you include a scalpers fee can be quite expensive.

2.) In Awakening, the backstory missions to the children characters were DLC. Which ties directly into the main plot with Naga, the Shadow Dragon, and how they came to travel to the past.
As for gameplay content, winning isn't the only reason you'd want one of your favorite classic characters. Or even a skill. While not essential like the backstory of the main plot, I wanted the Limit Breaker skill for my Cordelia so that she could use her Armsthrift skill properly. Which isn't possible if she doesn't have at least 50 Luck. And in her case that was impossible without the Limit Breaker skill. I didn't want it in order to win, as the game was already too easy on Hard mode as it was (even when I did my best to avoid lvling up after Chapter 4), but in order to have fun with one of my favorite characters and let her use a legendary lance without worrying about it breaking.

That said I didn't think the DLC in Awakening was too bad. Locking some additional story elements, characters and skills behind a paywall is not uncommon in games today.
As for Fates however, they took it way further than they should have. Besides the aformentioned fact that you can only unlock some fan favorites by scanning an amiibo, this time around they essentially split the game in three parts, and sold the other two as DLC. They advertsised it as three full separate Fire Emblem game experiences, but that was far from true. In what Fire Emblem game have you ever been introduced to only 1 new recruitable character? Because that's the amount of new characters you can recruit when going from the second into the third version of Fates. The amount of new characters and stages degraded between each subsequent version, because most characters and stages you had already been given in the previous versions. All the content in Fates, not counting repeated content, added up to more than what was available in Awakening. But not as much as twice the amount, let alone three. (Counting characters, stages, and script length). The fact that you could buy the additional versions at a discounted price taken into account, the asking price was still a lot more than it should have been going by Awakening's standards. And they saved some money on development for Fates by using (and enhancing) the Awakening engine.

Unlike Pokemon's two/three game versions, you didn't miss out on essential story elements by only playing one version. Mainly just some Pokemon that you can trade with other people anyway. But in Fates, that's mainly what you missed by only playing one or even two versions. You're not even able to get the true answers to elements presented in the first version, without playing the third version, Revalations, with its true path and true ending.

I dont get it why its getting hate. Nintendo fans are spending soooo much money on Amiibos (I have like 8 amiibos!) that:
- Does not have a lot of content

Nintendo knows that people will buy these dlcs.

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David_Hernandeez said:
Green098 said:


I also don't get it, some say it should be in the main game which probably would mean to delay the game one more time and more budget.

How is putting hard mode in a game gonna delay a game by a significant amount?

I'm not against DLC, but if there was an option to include all this content in the main game without having to pay more for it, of course that would be a lot better :/

..but game prices are rising, not just because of inflation

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superchunk said:
RolStoppable said:

Just look at the quote below, superchunk. You were wrong and you should know it. Meanwhile, all of my points still stand.

Except Amiibo isn't DLC in any concievable way. Its additional product that works with Nintendo hardware and software.

He didn't say Amiibo's were DLC.  He said they were locked content - and they are.  Same with Splatoon. 

I'm the biggest FE fan on this site and I can attest - Nintendo does DLC right in a lot of cases.  But both FE's DLC were atrocious.

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etking said:

Having to pay over 100$ for a complete experience (Game + DLC + all Amiibo DLC) is not a good thing. It is a pure rip-off. All the content should be part of the main game as it was in all the years before.

You do realize that amiibo is very uneccesary. All it gives you is fish and items that you can already get yourself without it.