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Stance on BOTW DLC

Fine execept for the harder difficulty 99 18.97%
Zelda should not have DLC 56 10.73%
Zelda having DLC is fine ... 67 12.84%
Hate the idea of DLC in general 70 13.41%
Gonna wait and see if its worth it 55 10.54%
Planning on getting it along side BOTW 86 16.48%
Indifferent/do not care 68 13.03%
Will wait a big for a com... 21 4.02%
Im fine.
But seen the repercussion on internet, people wouldnt riot if it was announced at E3, with 1st and second parts of the pass released just after E3...

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Who complains about more that you don't have to pay for? That just doesn't make sense to me. They didn't spoil the DLC, it's $20, what's not to like?

I'm sure the game is complete in its entirety...if people are complaining about this, why didn't they complain about Mario Kart 8 DLC. I simply don't get it.

I honestly do not understand the argument that you shouldn't announce DLC. Not knowing doesn't change anything.

pokoko said:
I honestly do not understand the argument that you shouldn't announce DLC. Not knowing doesn't change anything.

I understood for situations that have the pre-order bonuses annouced before we see actual gameplay like Arkham Knight but getting mad over a season pass being annouced just 2 weeks before release is just weird. Most likely this DLC was probably greenit was recently when the game was basically done. Curious to if the people saying this mainly Nintendo consoles and have only heard the horrors of bad DLC. This isn't even the first time a diffculty mode was locked behind paid DLC like grounded mode was for the last of us and I don't remember any outrage for that. But then again I believe grounded was annouced well after the game was released so that probably did help prevent one.

I don't get what the big deal is. You don't have to buy the DLC. The main game is the same product today as it was yesterday. Nothing has changed. If you were cool with it not having a hard mode before, then you should be cool with it now.

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As long as there's ample content, which I think it's clear there will be, I don't see the big deal.. I'm not a fan of DLC but I think it's clear at this point it's not going away anytime soon. I just don't get why people get upset when Nintendo does the same things that Sony/MS and its third parties frequently do already.. 

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It's mainly the hard difficulty that I have a problem with. But I'm gonna get it anyways because a new dungeon is included. Can never pass on a dungeon

How long was this game delayed and there's still a dungeon that didn't make it to release?

Zelda should not have DLC. It should have a beginning, middle and end, like every Zelda before it. Not a, oh wait but there's more... It looks like a trial cave and a dungeon for a separate story, safe to ignore.

Preorder and season pass culture should just die

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People are upset about DLC for a game that will be epic? I'm guessing many of these could be the same ones who are simply angry that Nintendo have started adopting the business practices that other developers and publishers have in order to provide more revenue and profits.

Zelda DLC sounds great to me!

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