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Stance on BOTW DLC

Fine execept for the harder difficulty 99 18.97%
Zelda should not have DLC 56 10.73%
Zelda having DLC is fine ... 67 12.84%
Hate the idea of DLC in general 70 13.41%
Gonna wait and see if its worth it 55 10.54%
Planning on getting it along side BOTW 86 16.48%
Indifferent/do not care 68 13.03%
Will wait a big for a com... 21 4.02%
John2290 said:
Rocketjay8 said:

So you are saying that Mario Kart 8 and ssb4 are bad because of dlc?

No, I'm saying I feel as if Nintendo products aren't the fully refined experiences  and the sense of quality I once had has now left me. Mario kart 8 and SSB4 have MP so DLC is less conscerning. You know what comes with DLC? Patches, day one and DLC patches. They bassically just voided the one good thing that they had going for them as a company. Strong quality first party sigle player on release that remains the same well beyond the consoles life cycle.

If not Mario Kart 8 and Smash then what Nintendo products are you talking about? Most of the bad games Nintendo has made recently don't even have DLC, so I'm not seeing why you think DLC has anything to do with the quality of their games. Patches (which aren't even a bad thing) can exist regardless of DLC, see Mario Kart 7 as a prime example.

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pray4mojo said:

OOT was basically, at the time of release, a perfect game. No DLC, no "support" beyond launch, no patches... nothing. DLC is not needed. It adds nothing to a game because it's all just content that WOULD have been in your game in the first place. 

I personally don't believe in a perfect game. No matter how great something is, there's always room for improvement. In OOT's case...imagine the same game, only with an optional Light Temple that be purchased later. New enemies, new puzzles, and a new Gold Tunic. I know I'd love this extra content personally.

Its a matter of reference for me. DLC can be done poorly, if the base game is split up intentionally, or it could be done well, and offer supplemental material that only improves a complete game. Everything we've heard so far has indicated the latter...though that might change as more information is released. Still, if this content isn't ready, there's no reason it would have been in the game that is releasing in two weeks, so that's honestly a complaint I can't understand.

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