What is your Nintendo Switch Day 1?

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1. Nintendo Switch - Grey Joycon ($300) - Already paid off
2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild ($60) - eShop
3. Super Bomberman R ($50) - eShop

Also bought a Grip Charger for $30, but its being delivered so I won't get it Day 1. Also using a 128 GB microSD card that I bought a while ago.

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Switch (Grey) - 279.99
Zelda (BoTW) - 48.00
Case - 20.00

Maybe Bomberman as well haven't decided yet.

dahuman said:

Well, I'll do mine with tax included.
Nintendo Switch: 329.39
Joycon L+R and Charging Grip: 120.76
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: 52.69
Nintendo Switch Hybrid Cover: 27.44
Nintendo Switch Official Screen Protection Kit: 8.77

Total: 539.05

Fucking Tax, oh and I totally don't count the Link Amiibo since that's not limited to the Switch. Also not counting any eShop games yet, don't know what's gonna be available.

and honestly, the most sensible cover I've seen:

I strongly considered the same cover but decided to stick with a case. It has its own kickstand and I can also add a screen protector. So with a case I can carry the device with max protection from drops as well as additional games and cord for charging. Though I may still get this for everyday voyages to work and leave case for actual travel.

$300 Switch
$11.44 Skinomi screen cover
$35 256 memory card from EBay. Of course before I found out about the bad cards on EBay but will see.

Plan to get Zelda and a pro controller.