Would you Prefer a Remake of Gen IV or Another One of Gen I

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Gen I or Gen IV?

Gen I 36 42.86%
Gen IV 38 45.24%
Another Gen 10 11.90%
Ka-pi96 said:
Why not both?

Although that said gen 1 feels kind of overdone for me. If they were to do it again not only would I prefer a Yellow remake than another Red/Blue, but it would be great if they could make it more than just a Yellow remake. Throw in some other regions too. Johto would be an easy to justify addition, but what about Alola too? Give that some more time in the spotlight and also the new Yellow remake could not only give some nostalgia for gen 1 and the original anime season but it can also give some focus to the Alola anime too.

THIS is why I said I want a sequel, like Black/White 2.  The Lillie story even seems to be setting up for this too.

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I think they've done enough plenty enough pandering to Gen 1, any more and I'll start getting sick of it. That, and the only way I'll buy a Pokemon remake is if it's Gen IV.

After seeing Sun/Moon at 1080p, I'd absolutely LOVE a remake of Gen 1 on the Switch, I mean, it could be any generation, or even a new one, since as people have said, the first generation has been overdone and nostalgia for the first 150 Pokémon can only carry us so far, but if we could have something similar to this on the Switch I'd be more than happy;