Would you Prefer a Remake of Gen IV or Another One of Gen I

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Gen I or Gen IV?

Gen I 36 42.86%
Gen IV 38 45.24%
Another Gen 10 11.90%

I have been thinking about this for the past year or so. I don't think anyone can deny that nostalgia for the original 150 Pokemon has been very high lately with the global phenomenon that was Pokemon Go and variation of some of the original Pokemon in Sun and Moon.

I don't really like Sinnoh and don't really care if there isn't a remake of it. I would love to see Kanto in its full glory again with Sun and Moon's engine.

Am I the only one feeling this way?

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With full potential of the switch I would say remake of the first one, insanely more money to be made. 


I want Sinnoh to be remade in Gen 7 so that we can have Gen 8 Unova remakes on the Switch.

...No chance of that happening, though. We probably won't get remakes at all this gen, and I'll have to wait until Gen 10 for my Black/White remakes.

Do specify you're talking about Pokémon.

I don't care about the 4th generation, it sucks. I'd much rather see the original games remade in HD.

Gen 2 has gen 1 inside, I'd honestly rather have Johto instead.

Also, gen 7's sequel should allow you to visit Kanto to find Lillie. A game like that would be amazing

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I want a Sinnoh remake, but it's definitely not coming any time soon let alone in gen 7, which I'm glad of cause then it will most likely be on the Switch taking advantage of how powerful it is compared to the 3DS. Gen 1 remake is something I could see happening more as a Kanto remake were you get to go to that region in the third Sun and Moon game.

Honestly I am not sure what would be the next Poke-game.

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Well, this is new.


gen 4! i mean come one!!!!


I'm definitely down for the Gen IV remake, especially if the Switch gets the Platinum remake.