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Because more and more they are following not leading and they are following right into last place.  I would almost guarantee their online is going to continue to be inferior only now it costs money.  Look at how they priced the accessories for this thing ... $90 for a dock (i know it includes a $5 HDMI cable and a $1 plug) are you F-ing kidding me? All the remakes.  Perhaps I'm wrong but it looks to me like Nintendo is slipping.  I don't buy the "but everyone else does it so it's ok" defense.  I have had Nintendo in my life since I was 10 years old, I still have R.O.B. but they need to stop living in the past and open their eyes to the market they find themselves in.  If they don't then their best hope will be to fight not to slip into irrelevance like SEGA has.

So you go from discussing DLC to hardware...why exactly?

It's in my first sentence they are following. It seems they are following Apple's model and overpricing the accessories.  If the docks were $30 (a reasonable price with still likely %100 profit margin) then i would buy at least two of them.  I would have one on every TV and one in a go bag so that I could just pop my system into the bag and take it to a friends no unhooking cables just grab and go portability same with from one room in the house to another.  I am one of those that am buying the system as a console despite my perception that it is really a glorified portable.

Look, when it comes to an accessory you already get, no one will scream and cancel their pre-order upon seeing the price. is $90 ridiculous? Yes, but it shouldn't be so difficult to move the dock if you are gonna be on a vacation or such. Apple charges $20 for a ONE METER lightning cable that is notoriously known for ripping and becoming useless quickly. Are iphone sales slipping? No, not at all. I would ask is Nintendo the elitist company that apple is? Will they be able to get away with this or is it just going to push the average nintendo consumer away? Most people simply won't ever need two docks. If they weren't costly I bet a good many people would buy one for each TV in the household. I think it is a very cool possibility but one I won't be able to realize because they overpriced the damn thing. Even if it was a big issue, it wouldn't suddenly make Nintendo the next SEGA. You're right that one move alone won't but a combination of moves that alienates their already dwindling fanbase ... we will have to see.

The internet is also going to be $30 or less and (hopefully) improved wifi. Nintendo was constantly bashed for being "behind the times" with internet- now people are criticizing them for trying to get up. It's a contradiction. Probably as bad as the people who wanted PS4 graphics on a mobile device for $250. I do realize on this point it is a bit of a contradiction but I question how good their service is really going to be. Are we going to see any improvement from a company that doesn't really believe in online play? Why won't it be $70 a year Nintendo isn't shy about keeping their prices high (look at games) to protect the value or perceived value of their offerings "This (us pricing software highly) is because we want consumers to value software as highly as possible and because we have been trying to heighten the value of our software whenever we produce it,"- Satoru Iwata.


Trust me, I'm probably the last guy who would ever buy DLC. However, besides the  games which are clearly small projects (such as Mario Party games on the 3DS), Nintendo has rarely/never let us down when it comes to the completion of a game. Have they ever disappointed us? Of course, Starfox Zero and Federation Force were disappointing. They did however manage to still stay true to Nintendo's belief of having every game feel like a complete game. BotW won't change that anytime soon. Think of it like this- before this was even announced, everyone was excited for it. Why should we let some unnecessary DLC packs make us cry? It'd be like saying Sm4sh is ruined because of the costume dlc packs. 


Nintendo does a lot of good. No need to download ridiculous install files upon putting in a game, focus on local multiplayer, great new IP's, etc. The only way it would ever become the next SEGA is if the Switch did everything the Wii U did. Thankfully, they have been smart about it all  have they though, about all of it, you've already admitted the price of the dock is "ridiculous" and steered very far away from the Wii U. Better advertising, clear understanding of console, spaced out title releases to prevent droughts, true console portability, no horrible, forced gimmick (cough gamepad cough), etc.  To me it is a bit of a gimmick though, I get to call a kick ass portable a weak ass home console because judging by my use of my 3DS (or lack there of) I will not be using this system as a portable but rather as another weak home console. The one portable thing about it I would use (extra docks) cost about a third of a whole system and I won't spend that much for someething that is so over-priced.

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